98 percent of TOEFL test takers worldwide take the TOEFL iBT® test, and access continues to expand. The TOEFL iBT test is desired by universities because it measures all 4 communication skills — reading, listening, speaking, and writing. What was the TOEFL Paper-based Test (TOEFL. TOEFL PBT book - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Answer Key and Audio Scripts. Author these book is. If you're wondering whether to take the TOEFL iBT or the TOEFL PBT, find out the differences between the tests from our expert bloggers!.

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Studying for the TOEFL? Check out our list of the best TOEFL prep books to find one that's right for you. Plus, get ideas for more study materials. Some Universities require minimum score of / (CBT/PBT), some have a requirement of (CBT) or (PBT). Some require score of (iBT) for. The TOEFL® paper-based test (PBT). If the TOEFL iBT is available in your country you need to take that instead. The Paper-based test has the following format.

You can see the Listening questions while you are listening to the Lecture 4. There is only one essay to write instead of two. Strictly English cannot stress enough that favoring the PBT over the iBT is a very bad way to begin your preparation for studying in an English-speaking institution.

The demands of a university education will be far harder than even the iBT, so if you're trying to run from taking the iBT because it is too difficult, then you will most likely find your university courses impossible.

In addition, at the center of university education—especially in MBA programs—is a strong focus on classroom discussion and group classes that require a lot of talking. If you're trying to avoid the iBT because you cannot speak clearly, then this is a big indication that you are not ready for graduate school. So instead of lowering your expectations, raise them! To learn how you can face the challenge of the iBT and conquer it, contact Strictly English.

About the Author: Jon Hodge, Ph. He started Strictly English in and continues to develop unique methods, strategies, and curriculum for Strictly English clients. X and 7. X both 8. X but X and A the sky is B highly original B only one D feet long C is surrounded B workers satisfaction D trading center C about how C light is X not only X frogs X neither In of 3. On of of 8. The passage discusses the plentiful supply of wood in the colonies and the advantages and disadvantages this involved.

Strikingly means "dramatically. According to lines , wood was the source of industrial compounds, and charcoal is given as an example. Charcoal, according to line 19, is a component of gunpowder. In the context of the passage, the word conferred means "provided. The passage deals with the entire Peale family; A and C are too narrow, and B is too general. The passage indicates that the portrait was "so realistic" that Washington mistook the painted figures for real ones.

The word settings is closest in meaning to "environments. There is no information about when the museum was founded. All of the other questions are answered in the second paragraph: Charles Willson Peale found and prepared the animal exhibits; the museum was located in Philadelphia; its most popular exhibit, a mastodon's skeleton, was found on a farm in New York.


In the context of the passage, the word unearthed means "dug up," "removed from the ground. The author praises the art and work of Charles Willson Peale and other members of the family; that, together with the absence of any critical comments, makes admiring the best choice. The main theme of this passage is the idea of transforming Mars; choice A best summarizes this idea. The word stark means "harsh," "severe. The word there refers to Mars. The passage states that "daytime temperatures may reach above freezing," but there is no mention that temperatures ever become dangerously hot.

The other characteristics are given in the first paragraph. According to the passage, building up the atmosphere "could create a 'greenhouse effect' that would stop heat from radiating back into space. The word suitable is closest in meaning to "appropriate.

According to scientist Christopher McKay, the project could be started "in four or five decades"-forty or fifty years lines Terra-forming refers to the process of "transforming Mars into a more Earth-like planet" lines The phrase more profound means "deeper.

The passage indicates that the possibility of transforming Mars comes from an "understanding of how Earth's ecology supports life" line The word staggering means "astonishing. The first paragraph indicates that age is "another" factor in susceptibility to colds; therefore, it is logical that a previous paragraph must deal with some other factor.

Specific facts is closest in meaning to the word "particulars. Lines state that the study "revealed particulars that seem to hold true for the general population. Line 4 indicates that "Infants are the most cold-ridden group" and that infant boys have more colds than infant girls lines No matter what age they are, parents of young children show an increase in cold infections; it is reasonable to assume that these parents are infected by their children.

The reference is to people in their twenties. This paragraph deals with the influence of economics on incidence of colds.

The word cramped means "small and crowded. This is a neutral, objective scientific report. The passage generally discusses an experiment in which plant roots are grown in isolation-in other words, without the tops of the plants.

The reference is to the roots of plants. According to the passage lines , ATP is a "high energy compound The word intact means "whole. The phrase comes in handy means "is useful. The fact that roots provide organic nitrogen compounds is useful for "the growth of buds in the early spring when leaves are not yet functioning" lines The passage discusses an experiment involving plant roots and the significance of that experiment. D Exercise I Exercise Mini-Test 8: Reading 1.

D Explanation 1. The passage generally concerns the advantages of biological agents and the disadvantages of chemical agents. The word marring means "spoiling," "ruining. No definitions are offered for the other terms. Lines say "herbicides Choice D is given in lines ; "biological agents can be administered only once," while chemical agents "must be used several times per growing season.

In this context, applications means treatments with biological agents. The problem is the need to control weeds; the possible solutions are the use of chemical or biological agents. The author refers to the fact that the plot is "tightly choreographed"; that Bernstein's score is "brilliant," and that Stephen Sondheim revealed "a remarkable talent.

Lines say the play "is set in the early 's. Since the Jets and Sharks were rival gangs, and were based on the Montagues and Capulets, it is reasonable to assume that the latter groups were also rivals. The word feuding means "hostile," "antagonistic. The word ultimately means "eventually. Lines state: A score is the written form of a piece of music. Lines indicate that, after it first opened, the play ran for performances. The summary sentence beginning "The plot.

There were 8, people at the New York Auto Show, according to line 1. By coincidence, this was the same number of cars as there were in the United States in lines By happenstance means "by chance," "coincidentally. According to the passage, only around 4, cars were assembled in the United States in , and only a quarter of those were gasoline powered lines One quarter of 4, is 1, Lines state that "the show's audience favored electric cars.

The word fumes means "gases," "vapors. The word launched means "initiated," "began. According to the passage, "The Duryea Motor Works The word cumbersome means "clumsy, difficult to control" Lines indicate that the Gasmobile, Franklin, and Orient steered with tillers; the Duryea probably used a steering wheel Lines state that "the black tie i. According to the passage, auto shows were about to become "extravaganzas.

The passage deals with an interpretation of an experiment involving children's art. The passage says that the children drew both "front views" line 6 and "rear views" line 7. The reference is to the children. The word markedly means "noticeably. There is nothing in the article particularly useful to commercial artists.

The word odd means "unusual" In the context of this passage, scale means "proportion. Lines indicate that the head size "is a form of planning, and not an indication of a poor sense of scale.

Choice A is not correct; the author is not critical of 0'Keeffe's style. Choice B is too specific. There is no comparison of abstract art and landscape art, so C is not correct. Choice D is the best statement of the author's purpose. Line 2 states that 0'Keeffe "studied art in Chicago and New York. The expression refers to The word frequented is closest in meaning to "visited.

The word intuitively means "instinctively. Lines indicate that "her style changed dramatically The word blanched means "whitened," "bleached. According to the passage, she "most often painted desert landscapes" after a trip to New Mexico in Lines state that she became "the dean of Southwestern painters and one of the best known of American artists.

Answer Key Mini-Lesson 3. C Mini-Lesson 3. B Mini-Lesson 3. A Mini-Lesson 3.

B Structure 4. In order to be parallel with the other adjectives in the series harder and more resistant , the comparative form lighter must be used.

The correct superlative form is largest. The adjective form destructive is required in place of the noun form. The correct pattern is both The correct form of the infinitive to play is needed. Both the noun phrase these craftsmen and the pronoun refer to the same person, so the reflexive pronoun themselves should be used.

The singular form of the verb, was, should be used to agree with the singular subject, influence. The pronoun subject they is used unnecessarily and should be omitted.

The relative word where must be used to describe a place. When is used to describe a time. With countable nouns such as mammals, the word many is used. In order to agree with a plural noun sharks , the possessive adjective their should be plural.

The adjective form Commercial is required. The noun ability is needed in place of the adjective able. The correct verb is make. In order to be parallel with the other items in the series physics and mathematics , the name of the field chemistry must be used. The adjective expert cannot be pluralized. The correct word order is almost exactly. The past tense form is required: The word lot should not be pluralized.

The word ago is used unnecessarily. The preposition for should be used with the adjective responsible. The noun form collection should be used in place of the gerund. The primary purpose of this passage is to detail the stages of the Sun's life in the future. The word fueled is closest in meaning to "powered.

It is expected to become a red giant in about 5 billion years. Therefore, it is about halfway through its life as a yellow dwarf. Line 8 states that "the core of the Sun will shrink and become hotter.

TOEFL Prep Online Guides and Tips

The last sentence of that paragraph states: Therefore, the Sun will be thousands of times smaller than it is today. According to the passage, the Sun is now a yellow dwarf star; it will then expand to a red giant star, shrink to a white dwarf star, and finally cool to a black dwarf.

The word eject has the same meaning as "throw off.

The tone is scientifically objective. Although the passage describes the end of the Earth, that event is so far in the future that the author's tone is dispassionate. Washington was one of the first persons to realize the importance of canals, and he headed the first company formed to build a canal.

This indicates that he was a pioneer in canal construction. Choice C is incorrect because the canal was never finished. The word possibility is closest in meaning to "feasibility. The word relatively is closest in meaning to "comparatively. The word fees is closest in meaning to the word "tolls. According to lines , the canal "allowed New York to supplant Boston, Philadelphia, and other eastern cities as the chief center of both domestic and foreign trade.

Lines indicate that the expansion of the Canal would have been warranted "had it not been for the development of the railroads. The word warranted most nearly means "justified. The passage begins to discuss the actual construction of the Erie Canal in Line The passage mainly deals with the distress signals of trees. Choices B and C concern minor details. There is no information about A. The reference is to "trees" in line 4. The word parched has the same meaning as the word "dehydrated.

The word plight means "condition. The trees' signals are in the kilohertz range; the unaided human ear can detect no more than 20 kilohertz lines The word fractured is closest in meaning to "broken. The signals are caused when the water columns inside tubes in trees break, "a result of too little water" line In the context of the passage, pick up means "perceive.

Choices A and B are mentioned in lines ; C is mentioned throughout the passage; there is no mention of D. Lines say, "Researchers are now running tests," implying that research is continuing. The passage explains the difference between two concepts, analogy and homology, and gives examples of both. Lines state, "The concepts The word rigid is closest in meaning to "inflexible. Analogous organs are those that perform the same functions but are not derived from the same embryological structures.

The structures given in D most likely demonstrate this relationship in that they both provide the same functions-locomotion and support-but are not otherwise related. Homologous organs "are genetically related," according to line In the context of the passage, the term structures refers to different physical parts of animals: The word sense is closest in meaning to "meaning.

The author begins to discuss homology in the sentence beginning "In contrast " in line 9. The purpose of the passage is primarily to describe Charlie Chaplin's movie Modern Times. Lines state that Chaplin "was motivated to make the film by a reporter" during an interview. The word abruptly is closest in meaning to the word "suddenly. According to lines , "scenes of factory interiors account for only about one third of the footage.

The phrase losing his mind means "going insane" from the pressure of work. The reference is to the phrase "another popular scene" in line The word utter is closest in meaning to that of "complete. The film does not offer "a radical social message," and so would not be considered "revolutionary" A.

Line 14 states that "Chaplin prefers to entertain rather than lecture"; thus, it is "entertaining" B. Lines mention that people who have seen the film cannot forget certain scenes, and so it is "memorable" C. According to lines , the opening scene's "rather bitter note of criticism is replaced by a gentler note of satire"; therefore, the author would consider the film "satirical" D. A Structure 4.

C Written Expression The comparative older is needed in place of the superlative oldest. The noun that names a field journalism is needed in place of the noun naming a person journalist. The correct word order is college campuses. The definite article the should not be used before the name of a field such as architecture. To be parallel with the other words in the series agriculture, finance, and accounting , a noun that names a field should be used marketing.

Before an uncountable noun, the word amounts should be used. The correct expression is so many Too is used in phrases with infinitives: The singular verb is must be used to agree with the singular subject sum. The past participle pulled must be used to express a passive idea. Before a series of three elements insulated, ventilated, and equipped , the conjunction both cannot be used.

The plural pronoun them must be used to agree with the plural noun bridges. To be parallel with the other nouns in the series hardness and brilliance , another noun form transparency is needed. The word very cannot be used to modify the word relatively. The word other should be used in place of another before a plural noun types. This sentence incorrectly compares people and a sport running and race walkers.

For a logical comparison, the word running must be changed to runners. The adjective wild should replace the adverb wildly because the phrase modifies a noun Magnolia Gardens. The word lovely is used correctly in this sentence because it is an adjective ending in -ly, not an adverb. The plural noun instruments is needed here. The possessive form his should be used in place of the article the.

The past tense form of the verb won is needed. The definite article the is required before the ordinal number first.

The preposition in has been omitted: The noun ease is needed to be parallel with the noun difficulty. The noun should be pluralized: The noun discovery is required in place of the verb discover.

The passage generally deals with the time humans and mammoths co-existed in the New World and the possible role humans played in the extinction of the mammoths. No specific details are offered about A or B , and C is too general. The word implements is closest in meaning to "tools.

Lines state that "Here, as in the Old World, there is evidence that humans hunted these elephants," implying that humans had also hunted mammoths in Siberia. The word remains can be defined as those parts of an animal's body that can be found after many years. In this case, they are mainly the bones of the mammoths. The meaning of the word "apparently" is closest to that of seemingly.

The author argues that choice A is unlikely. Choice B is not possible because the extinction of the mammoths came at the end of the Ice Age. There is no information about D. Only C is a possible conclusion. The word cunning means "clever. Choice D is also true; line 25 states that humans were "cunning hunters.

The passage chiefly deals with the first decades of jazz, the Dixieland era. As used in this sentence, the word idiom means a style of playing music. According to the first paragraph, the earliest recordings were made by the Original Dixieland Band, who were among those white musicians who "came to Chicago from New Orleans.

Lines state that King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band "featured some of the foremost jazz musicians of the time, including Louis Armstrong. According to lines , Duke Ellington "provided his musicians with written arrangements. All of the other answer choices are referred to in the second paragraph. Line 25 refers to the Wolverines as an example of a small Chicago jazz band. The author provides the most detailed description of early jazz in the third paragraph. The last sentence of the passage indicates that the next era of jazz would be the Swing era, so it is logical that the next paragraph will continue with a discussion of this period.

The word astounding is closest in meaning to "startling. All three streets are in San Francisco lines ; the residents have the same approximate levels of income.

They are all middle class or working class, according to lines They all have approximately the same ethnic mix as well lines The only difference is the amount of traffic. Lines say that Franklin Street "had almost 16, cars a day. According to lines , trash is a secondary effect of heavy traffic. The author's main purpose in this paragraph is to discuss the negative impact heavy traffic has on Franklin Street.

The third paragraph deals with how Octavia Street residents interact; they have more friends and acquaintances on their block than do Franklin Street residents, and by implication, than do Gough Street residents as well. The word chatted means "talked" informally. According to the passage, increased traffic reduces the amount of territory for which residents feel responsible lines All the other statements would be consistent with information given about Gough Street residents in the fourth paragraph.

The passage concentrates on the books written by Rachel Carson and on her career as a writer. Lines state that Carson studied zoology at Johns Hopkins University.

Carson was born in line 1 and published Under the Sea Wind in lines 67 , so she must have been around 34 years of age at the time of publication. According to lines , when Under the Sea Wind was first published "it received excellent reviews, but sales were poor until it was reissued in There is no mention that Rachel Carson took part in a research expedition.

Carson "realized the limitations of her non-technical readers" lines , implying that the book was not highly technical. It did have a poetic quality line 11 , and it was fascinating interesting , according to line 9, and well-researched lines The word reckless is closest in meaning to "irresponsible. Lines state that the book Silent Spring "proved how much harm was done by the uncontrolled, reckless use of insecticides. The word flawed is closest in meaning to the word "faulty.

Carson's work "was vindicated" by the report line 23 , implying that the report contradicted the chemical industry's claims and supported her ideas. The passage deals with the two main divisions of economic resources: The other choices refer to minor details in the passage.

This expression is used figuratively in the passage to mean that economic resources is a broad topic.

According to lines , economists "mean much more than the non-economist" by the term "land. The word arable means "able to be cultivated"-and therefore, "fertile. The term the latter which means the second concept mentioned before refers to "consumer goods. Capital goods include aids to transporting goods line 13 , such as a railroad. Choice B is specifically mentioned as not being a type of capital lines Choices C and D are examples of land, not of capital.

The word heading as used in this sentence means "category. The third paragraph indicates that the term labor involves all types of human talents except entrepreneurial skills, which are considered a separate category. D Structure 4. The plural verb form have must be used to agree with the subject of the sentence, the plural noun formations.

The possessive adjective her should be used in place of the possessive pronoun hers. Research is properly an uncountable noun and should not be pluralized. The personal pronoun them should be used instead of the reflexive pronoun themselves. The verb differ should be used in place of the adjective different. In order to be parallel with the other items in the series difficult and violent , the adjective dangerous is needed in place of the plural noun dangers.

Before the word equator, the definite article the must be used. The noun leader a person who leads should be used in place of the noun leadership the quality that leaders have. The word twice should be used in place of double in this sentence.

The phrase should correctly read from east to west. To be parallel with the other items scissors and glue gun , a singular noun knife should be used in place of the plural noun knives. The phrase should correctly read at least. The definite article the should not be used in the phrase by boat.

The preposition into should be used after the verb subdivided. There is a contrast between the two clauses of this sentence, so the conjunction but should be used in place of and. The noun absence is needed in place of the adjective absent. The preposition Since should be used in place of the preposition In.

This is clear because the verb-have devoted-is in the present perfect, not the past tense. The noun sale is needed in place of the verb sell. Only the second noun climbers of the compound noun mountain climbers should be pluralized. The preposition by has been incorrectly omitted; the phrase should read the process by which. The word so should be used in place of too. The verb ripen should be used in place of the adjective ripe. The correct word order for the opening phrase of the sentence is Of the many.

This phrase should correctly read No longer. The passage provides an introduction to Lucy Maud Montgomery's life and works, especially her Anne books.

The reference is to Anne of Green Gables, which is a classic children's tale written by a Canadian author. According to lines , Montgomery "moved in with her grandparents" after her mother died and her father moved to Saskatchewan. Montgomery's first book was published in line 11 , and she wrote the two sequels in the next three years.

The word prominence is closest in meaning to "reputation. The other choices are mentioned in lines In the context of the passage, scour means "search. B are details; choice C implies that animals can count, an idea which is contradicted in the third paragraph. The accounts from White's book indicate that certain animals are aware of quantities on an intuitional level. The word surreptitiously is closest in meaning to the word "secretly.

Numbers that are divisible by 2 are called even numbers. According to the first paragraph, caterpillars are used by wasps to supply food for their young. There is no mention that they are aware of quantities. The other choices are given in the paragraph as examples of creatures that are aware of quantities in some way. The word accounts means "reports" or "stories" in the context of this passage. According to the passage, "animals respond to quantities when they are connected to survival as a species Answer Key survival of a species since it involves the cat's young.

It can be inferred that choice B is the result of conditioning by a trainer rather than the result of the monkey's instinctive awareness of quantities. Since these people believe that "creatures other than humans can actually count" line 16 and the author believes that none of the animal's achievements shows evidence of counting, the author must consider these people mistaken.

The word admittedly is closest in meaning to "undeniably. The reference comes in the sentence beginning, "In lab experiments The main topic of the passage is the impact of the Bessemer process.

Choice A is too general; choices B and C are not directly discussed in the passage. There is no mention that Bessemer steel was used in Civil War weapons; the other effects are cited in the first paragraph.

According to the passage, the production of Bessemer steel exceeded that of wrought iron in lines , implying that wrought iron production was greater than Bessemer steel production before then. The word burgeoning is closest in meaning to the word "expanding. Because the last paragraph deals with the declining importance of the Bessemer Process and mentions that the open-hearth method supplanted it, it is logical to assume that the next paragraph discusses the openhearth method.

The author first mentions the expansion of the Bessemer steel method in lines 14 , in the sentence beginning "Production grew rapidly Restoration is discussed in the third paragraph; the three styles are explained in the second paragraph; the entire passage provides a brief history of San Francisco's Victorian houses. The word gaudy is closest in meaning to the word "showy. Roman Classical is not one of the three styles of Victorian built in San Francisco; it is the style Italianate houses were influenced by, and so must have been an earlier style.

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Italianate styles were popular in the 's, Stick houses in the 's, and Queen Anne houses in the 's. Queen Anne houses were therefore the last to become fashionable. In the context of the sentence, bays are features of Victorian houses. They are a type of window. In lines , the author says that towers were among the features that "distinguished Queen Anne houses from their predecessors.

Victorian houses were considered "impossibly old-fashioned" in the period after the earthquake which occurred in , but interest in them was renewed during the 's, when many were restored. According to lines , the owners of the houses commissioned "multi-hued paint jobs. Lines indicate that sea otters have to eat about 30 percent of their body weight a day.

Thirty percent of pounds is 30 pounds. The term picky eaters meaning creatures with selective appetites is applied to sea otters because each animal prefers only a few food types lines In the context of this passage, the word exhausted means "used up. I like your new bicycle, Helen.

Thanks, but it isn't new. I had my old one repainted. What can be said about Helen's bicycle? Will that be cash, check, or charge? I'm going to write a check, but I just realized I left my checkbook in my car. I'll be right back. What will the man probably do next? I'll never be able to get through all these books on Professor Grey's reading list.

But Mark, not all of them are required. What does the woman tell Mark? Was there anything you didn't like about the novel? Only that it was too short! What does the woman imply about the novel? Should I fill out this form with a pen or a pencil?

What difference does it make? What does the woman mean? This new computer software is really easy to use. Isn't it, though! What does the man mean? You did bring the slide projector, didn't you? I brought it, but I'm afraid it's out of order. What is the problem with the slide projector? Your brother called. He wants you to meet him for dinner. Oh, really? Did he say when? What does the man want to know? Have you heard from Howard lately? Funny you should ask. Yesterday, from out of the blue, I got a letter from him.

What does the man say about Howard? If you don't like this studio apartment, I can show you a one-bedroom unit up on the third floor. All right. This one just doesn't have enough room for me.

How does the man feel about the studio apartment? CD 1, TR 3. I think I deserved a higher grade in chemistry class.

Does Professor Welch ever change the grades he gives? Sure-about once a century! What can be inferred about Professor Welch from this conversation? I wonder how I did on Professor Porter's test. Oh, she's already posted the grades on her office door. What does the man say about Professor Porter? I've invited some friends over to watch the game on television. I think I'll go out and get some drinks before they arrive here. Shouldn't you get some snacks too?

What does the woman tell the man? I'm going to drop my political science class. It meets too early in the morning for me. Allen, is that really a good reason to drop the class? What does the woman imply? I can hardly hear anything from back here!

Let's just go home. Why don't we ask an usher if we can sit closer to the stage? What does the man suggest? William comes up with some weak excuse or another for just about every mistake he makes, doesn't he? Wait till you hear his latest. What do the speakers imply about William? What a beautiful sunset!

You should photograph it, Melissa. If I had some film in my camera, I would. What does Melissa mean? We should be arriving at the airport in another ten minutes. Wait a second. This bus is going to the airport? What can be inferred about the man?

I wonder when the board of regents will pick a new dean of students. Who knows? They're not even scheduled to meet until next month.

Are Randy and his friends still going to play cards this evening? He's setting up the folding card table right now. What does the woman say about Randy? CD1, TR4 We should never have listened to Harvey. If only we'd asked someone else for advice! What do they mean? All the people in the audience certainly seemed to enjoy the performance. Well, almost all of them did. How was your room last night?

Three Versions of the TOEFL : The PBT, CBT and iBT

I slept like a baby. And the rates were quite reasonable. What are these people probably discussing? Professor White? A few of us in the back of the room didn't get a copy of your syllabus. What can be inferred from Professor White's remark? We're not far from Mount Pleasant Street. There are some antique stores there that have some wonderful things, and they're fairly cheap. They have some nice antiques, all right, but I sure wouldn't call them cheap.

Daniel said that San Diego is a great place to go to a conference. He should know. He's been there often enough. What does the man say about Daniel?

Have you ever gone for a ride with Charlie? I sure have. He seems to think he's a race-car driver, doesn't he? What does the woman imply about Charlie? Try a bowl of this soup and see how you like it.

It's a new brand. I'd say it stacks up pretty well against the other kinds. Peter is favored to win the tennis match Saturday. Oh, then that match wasn't canceled after all? What had the man originally assumed? Adam, do you remember the tools I lent you when you were building those bookshelves last month?

I'd like to have them back. Uh, well, I hate to tell you this What does Adam imply? Listen to the following conversation. Good morning, Diana. What did you want to talk to me about? Good morning, Professor Lane. I wanted to talk to you about changing my major. You see, I've decided that when I graduate in three years, I'd like to work in an art museum. I think I should change my major to art history.

You know, Diana, I think you should give this decision some more thought. You've done well in your year as a business major. Besides, all organizations need good managers, whether they're private companies or nonprofit foundations like museums.

I suppose that's true, but wouldn't I still have to know a lot about art? Why not take a few elective courses in art history?

And try working a few hours a week as a volunteer at the local art museum. See if you really like working there. What is the probable relationship between these two speakers? When does Diana hope to begin working at a museum? What does the man advise Diana to do? CD 1, TR 7 Questions Listen to a conversation between two students.

Gloria, hello! You're not looking too happy. What's the matter? Have you been studying too much? Oh, hi. No, that's not it. The problem is that I was planning to go home over spring break, but my travel agent just told me all the airlines are fully booked that week.

Answer Key M1: Why not go by car? It's too long a trip to take by myself, and gasoline is so expensive. Have you checked the ride board? Maybe you can get a rider to go with you.

The ride board-what's that? It's a bulletin board that has a map of the United States on it. The map is divided into different regions, and each region has a different number.

Say you want to go to New England-that would be box number one. There are boxes for each number. You can put a white card or a blue card in one of the boxes. What's the difference between a blue card and a white one? Blue means you have a car and need riders to share the driving. White means that you're looking for a ride. So I should go look at the white cards to see if anyone needs a ride to where I'm going, right? Yeah, and fill out a blue card too. So where is this ride board?

It's on the second floor of the Student Union building, right by the campus cinema. Why does Gloria look unhappy?I brought it, but I'm afraid it's out of order. A For The questions will be similar to those on the real TOEFL in terms of how they are worded and the subjects they cover. A Exercise 21 1. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. According to the passage, only around 4, cars were assembled in the United States in , and only a quarter of those were gasoline powered lines X it The word implements is closest in meaning to "tools.

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