GIS Tutorial 1 Basic Workbook - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Geographic information system. GIS Tutorial 1 Basic - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The bookcombines ArcGIS tutorials with self-study exercises and guides students through a series of step-by-step exercises to gradually.

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GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, x edition. Gorr. Chapter 1 ( Table of Contents ( This page is not available in other languages. [PDF] DOWNLOAD GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook (GIS Tutorials) by Wilpen L. Gorr [PDF] DOWNLOAD GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook (GIS. GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, Edition. GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, Edition PDF TagsOnline PDF GIS Tutorial 1: Basic Workbook, Edition.

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The t ract s for these st ates are now visible because the scale is less than the minimum scale. The tracts for these states are now invisible because the scale b greater than the minimum scale. Although natural breaks is the default method, ArcMap allows you to choose other methods for classifying your data, including your own custom classification.

Cr eate custom classes in a legend 1 Zoom to the full extent. Bro"" 0. I I Generally, it is easier to enter break values start ing with t he large values and working down. Here you will create new breaks using increasing interval widths t hat double wit h each successive class.

Notice t hat t he blue graph line corresponding to that value turns red. Let the last maximum value remain 37,, Clau,hcal10n P? J """'aceer. The Population By St ate layer changes t o reflect t he new break values and labels. Besides being easier to read and interpret. Use the same method as above to manually change the values using the foll owing: Be sure to change t he labels in the legend. Be sure to change the labels in t he legends.

Generally, it is best t o have more classes with light colors and a few with dark colors t he human eye can different iate light colors more easily than da rk ones. So here you will create a custom monochromatic color ramp that starts with white and ends with a dark blue. Right-dick the USCounties layer and click Properties. You can also double-click each color symbol in the Symbology tab or TOC to change the classification colors individually.

When finished,. In the next exercise, you will create a point map showing U. By City. Spnbology tab, change the symbol to hollow no color fill with a medium acline of size 1, and dick OK twice. Graduated Symbols. The resultant point map shows U. S, cities classified by population, 0; r;, Lay To accom- plish this, you create a deft.

The result is a map showing county polygon features for Pennsylvania and detailed cities. ArcMap picks an arbit rary color fill and point marker for the polygons and points, respec t ively. Symbolize polygons To draw attention away from a feature, colors should be very light or, in the case of these polygons, have no color at all.

CJjI1l'f I """,. To do so, you can query? Ulations based on an attribute in the table called Feature. The resulting.. I S- As You are required to complete t his Your Turn exercise in order t o finish the remaining in this chapter.

Change t he layer n ame t o Gxmt y Seats, the symbol to Square 2, color to Leaf Green, and size t o 6. Symbol , 5 Oick the Symbology tab and 5yobol button.

The resulting search sX;.. II ,- I [ style R. Click OK. The resul t ant map shows medium-sized cities, county seats, and the state capital, Harrisburg.

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Add the PACit ies layer once more and create a definit ion query that displays t hree largest cities: Erie, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. Rename the layer "Major Cities" ,and sho": There are three types of hyper links: Features that have hyperl inks gel a small blue circle drawn on them. In this case, t he Harrisburg capital point marker is the only such feature. Place the ti p of the lightning bolt on the hyperlink's small blue ci rcle and click. Your default Web browser will open to Harrisburg's Web page.

Use t he following Web sites: If these Web sites do not work, search t he Internet for another site that links to each city. The attribute information that you set in the field properties is displayed on the map in a pop-up window. Officials have collected data about all schools, public and private. The initial project identifies schools as either public or private and shows t heir enrollment.

Your task is to make a map for the school board comparing the enrollment of public and private schools. You will use point features of different sizes t o show this.

Start with the following: Include Pittsburgh neighborhood polygons for reference. Hyperli nk t he Web site http: Use one copy for public schools and the other for private schools.

Use a small, dark gray font for the labels. Under t he Labels t ab of the Layer Properties window, click Placement Propert ies, Conflict Detect ion, and type 1 in the Buffer field to improve appearance. Layers will t urn on or off depending on the zoom level. You will also show schools by enrollment. For Pittsburgh, show the K - 12 population using census block groups and neighborhood outlines. Include the point layer for Pittsburgh public schools that are open but with low enrollment over 0 and under students.

Use MapTips for schools. Label counties and neighborhoods. When zoomed to the entire state, do not show details of the city of Pittsburgh, but turn on these layers when zoomed into that area. Have the Pennsylvania details turned off when zoomed in t o the Pittsburgh details. Create a bookmark to help you easily zoom in to the Pittsburgh details. Then type 1. Use a size 7 or 8 t ext symbol. The seven public schools meeting the criteria over 0 and under enrollment are in what neighborhoods?

Name a school that may close. Explain why you picked this school. Ar cMap document: Do not include path information ; GIS can produce many forms of output, including interactive map documents,: In addition, it is possible to add graphs or tabular to layouts. Suppose further that you are agovernment official and have federal funds to allocate to youth recreation programs in cities, or perhaps you are an ana- lyst working for a youth clothing retailer looking for potential cities to locate new stores.

The map that you will open reviews several interactive elements deSigned to promote discovery and analysiS. Included are visible scale ranges that allow you to drm down to details, hyperlinks to access Internet information, MapTips that pro- vide youth population information, and hypertext pop-up windows that provide selected table data on population by age. Notice that the map document has visible scale ranges set, indicated by the grayed-out check boxes in the t able of contents TOC for layers not visible at the starting scale.

If the Tools toolbar is not open, click Customi ze, Toolbars , Tools on the main menu. Here you might fi nd information about recreation in the state or S"". Close t he browser. The visible scale ranges shift t he map display to more detailed features, population by count y and cit ies with 10, population and higher. Given the choropleth map on t otal populat ion by county, you can easily spot highly populated areas such as Allegheny Count y in the southwestern por t ion of the state.

OJ fill c OO 1llI: DOO, OO,ind" You get a MapTip incl uding total populat ion and youth populat ion of the d ty. ArcMap gives you the ability to create custom, MapTip information combining attributes plus text. This one combines two attributes: Now you get a more detailed report, with complete age distribution data. This example is for St. Marys, Pennsylvania. ArcMap has layout view for creating maps with several elements, including title, the map it self.

ArcMap has prebuilt layout templates for your use, or you can build your own custom layouts. Click the Change Layout button and use a layout template of your choiCe. Change the title of the.. Next, as a preliminary step, you will create a layer fi le that saves the symbology of a map layer for reuse.

To facil itate compari sons of populations by race on separate maps, i t is desirable t o use the same numeric scale for all maps. So as part of the work, you will save a layer file that allows easy reuse of a numeric scale. Below is the custom layout you will build. The scale in the legend will come from your saved layer fi le rather than you having to build it for each map that you produce.

The blue horizontal and vertical lines are guides that you will create for precise alignment and placement of elements. In particular, you need settings t: Set up layout page orientation and size Next , set up t he layout page assumi ng t hat you will use an 8. If you place your guide at the wrong location, right -click its arrow on t he r uler, click Clear Guide, and start over.

The map snaps precisely to the intersection of the guides when you release. The objective of the next step is to fill the map element rectangle with the map as large as possible.

If you need to start over, click the Full Extent button Q. Insert a legend 1 Click the horizontal ruler at Resizing and placing t he legend takes the next three steps. S-inch vertical guide and bottom t o t he loS-inch horizontal guide. Snap it to the 9-inch vertical guideline while staying locked to the Insert a scale bar 1 Click the vertical ruler at 1 inch to create a new horizontal guide.

S-inch vertical guideline. This takes trial and error, with you dragging and releasing to see the resultant width in miles. Insert text 1 Click the vertical ruler at 0. ArcMap places a small text box in the center of your map it is difficult to see at this scale.

Census Bureau, and click OK. S-inch horizontal guides. Reuse guarantees that sizes and placements of objects match perfectly for a collection of maps.

You will repJace the Asian attribute with the Black at tribut e of the Population layer. Click View, Data View. Right-click the Population layer in the TOC. Click Properties, the Symbology tab, and the Import button. In the Import Symbology dialog box, click the Browse button. In the Layer Properties window, change the color ramp to a monochromatic blue ramp, right-dick the color ramp to the right of the label, Color Ramp , click Properties.

While a simple layout, it is quite professional and attractive in appearance. Whites, Hispanics, or Native f LIll Use a monochromatic color ramp of your choice. On the Tools toolbar, dick the Full Extent button Cit.

You will need t o apply the coordi nate system of the Asians data frame to the new data frame that you will creat e next. Creating a favorit e makes this easy. On the main menu, dick Insert, Data frame.

Your finished map doc ument will appear as follows note that to switch from one data frame t o another, you right-click the data frame and dick Activate. The act ive dat a frame's label in the TOe is in bold t ype. It makes comparisons between two population distributions easy. O-inch marks. S-inch marks. Click and drag the Asian data frame so that its upper left corner snaps to the intersection of lD.

S-inch horizontal guide and D. S-inch vertical guide. Click and drag the lower right grab handle of the data frame to snap it at the S. Click and drag the Blacks data frame so that its upper left corner snaps at the intersection of the horizontaI5. S-inch guide. Drag the Blacks data frame so that its lower right grab handle snaps at the D. S-inch horizontal guide and 6. On the Tools toolbar, click the Full Extent button. Add elements to layout 1 Click the Asian map element to activate its frame.

S-inch and 8-inch vertical guides and on the S. S-inch vertical and lO. It is quite a nice layout and image. There are some remarkable similarities in the dist ribut ions of the two races. You can add reports to layouts to provide detailed information. Make a selection of records You will generate a report for t he selected records only.

Modify a report The report wizard provides a good start, but you can improve this report by making it more compact, formatting the long numeric values to have comma separators, and improving labels. Drag the bottom of the detail panel up t o just below the fields, This step eliminates ;2xtra space between data rows. El A""""Heoder Population.. Population ,. This saves a version of the report that you can open and edit in ArcMap again in the future if needed. The next version you will save is convenient for inserting a compact version of t he report into your layout.

If instead you use the repor t wizard to insert t he report into your layout, it inserts an entire page with many blank lines at the bottom. From Excel, you will be able to copy and past e only des ired content. The file opens in Microsoft Excel. S-, 1.

S-, and 3. S-inch horizontal ruler positions in your layout. S-inch vertical and 7-inch horizontal guides, and the upper right corner is at the 8. S-inch vertical and 7-inch horizontal guides. S-inch vertical guides. Adding a graph of the same data is quite easy by comparison.

Then make selections as follows: Coll om. S-inch vertical and I -inch horizontal and guides. ArcMap's Data Driven Pages serve this purpose.

The output is a collection of images or even a PDF document. The map document opens zoomed in to several municipalities of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. The map has school locations and public parks. Suppose that you need a PDF document with a map for each municipali ty although the PDF you will produce will only have a few of the municipalities to keep the file small. Kg" s The map's extent switches to t he first municipalit y alphabetically. Aleppo Township, which has no schools or parks.

ArcMap places a small text box in the center of your map with the municipality name, Aleppo Township. Aleppo Township I Legend. The PDF document has maps for. Open the map document for animation First you will build an a nimation just shOWing the sequence of one set of point s in a track, one day at a t ime.

About all this accomplishes is to get you started with animation and convi nce you that the drug and shots-fired calls jumped around in a porti on of t he Middle Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Then you will add a second set of points that provide context.

The map document opens to the Middl e Hill neighborhood. The Time Step Int erval is uni t of ti me for measurement, here 1 day. Use the Time Slider window for viewing With t ime properties set, you are ready to use t he Time Slider interface to playa simple video of daily crime points. Col I 4 ClickOK. J on the slider. The video plays, one day at a t ime, shown below at July 30, Play the video a few more times to see if you can spot any patterns. This is hardly possible until you add the crime t ime context to the video.

Create a new date column for animating a window of: Displaying a moving window of crime points for two week's data requires starting and ending dates for the window. Solocted fIoId: When you play the animation next, both layers with time properties will animate. CAD Calls will show the current day's crime locations while CAD Calls Context will show all crimes in the interval, including two weeks ending on the current day.

Click the play button [B on the slider. Following is the animation at July 30, You see all of t he crime locations for the last two weeks with the last day's: At this t ime there is much persistence in crime clusters. In this exercise, you will create a map layout with t wo maps 'hith population percentages for the elderly and youths in Orange County, California.

S-by-ll-inch portrait layout with two data frames: TCentage of populat ion who are 5- 17 years old and the second wit h t he percentage who are 65 or older. Use the same numeri cal scale for both maps. Include a graphic scale bar in miles. Assignment Create a walking map of historic districts in downtown Pittsburgh Walking tours are great attractions for tourists.

You will create an overall view of the historic sites in the Central Business District of Pittsburgh as well as a zoomed-in map for one area. Visit http: For photos of historic buildings that you will need for this assignment, click the City Legacies link on the home page, click any of the photos on that page, and then any building name link to the right of the photo on the resulting page. To set a scale, click the frame of a map in layout view and type the desired scale in the scale text box on the Standard toolbar.

Keep in mind basic mapping principles such as colors, ground features, and so forth, covered in previous chapters. Choose labels and other map elements that you think are appropriate for each map as well as the overall layout. Include the photo's source in your layout. Click the list arrow of the fourth tool from t he left and select Line.

Draw two lines from two ends of the historic area on your CBD map to t he same two points on your detail map. That provides a graphic guide for interpretation of the detail map.

Also, draw a line from the building on the detail map to its picture that you inserted into the layout. Hint Drawi ng a layer transparently: Right-click the layer needing transparency. Click Properties and the Display tab.

Do not include path information in t he compressed file. Assignment Create an animation for an auto theft crime time series Auto thieves are often creatures of habit; they return to the same areas and repeat other patterns t hat led to successful thefts in t he past.

An animat ion of successive auto theft locations can help determine t he space-time pattern of such a t hief. Suppose that police suspect a serial auto t hief who steals cars for basic transportation and then vandalizes abandoned stolen cars in a unique way with spray paint.

Set the playback speed to a medium level. When you have t he animation working to your satisfaction, label streets using the Streets layer, but use No Color so t hat only the labels appear and not t he streets. The labels blink as the animation plays using the t ime slider, but will not do so when you take the next step.

Try playing the movie by double-clicking it in a My Computer window. ILi n syste ms systems infor mation systems geograph c gEographic geographic geogr' aphi c or' matio o c information c inforM. X" and display. The recommended native file format for use in Nevertheless, you need a special utility program to build and maintain j file geodatabase.

That program is ArcCatalog, which you will use next. The Catalog window aIlows you to do some utility work while in ArcMap without open- ing the separate application program ArcCatalog. Ii Eil fokjer Ii ill T ooboxes til DItobae Sor. Iil ii! Windows Explorer or My Computer is not capable of building all t he parts of a file geodatabase. ArcCatalog creates a file geodatabase that you can now populate with feature classes and stand-alone tables.

Feature classes are map layers stored in a geodatabase.

Next, you will import map layers in shapefile format into your new file geodatabase feature classes. ArcCatalog and Catalog allow you to import shapefiles and other map file formats into a file geodatabase.

Feature Class multiple. The multiple import option provides the convenience of importing several features at the same time. That action adds tgrccdOO. ArcCatalog imports the shapefiles into the file geodatabase. First are the preview utilities, which give you a good overview of a feature layer or table.

Preview layers 1 Click MaricopaCountyFiles. ArcCat alog previews the t grccdOO map layer's geography. ArcCatalog previews the tgrccdOO map layer's attribute table. Flo G. ArcCatalog pr eviews t he tgrI3ccdOO map layer's metadat a in a repor t fonnat. MIOtd SI ESIll p,.. You need.. Catalog in ArcMap to use and manipul at e these files. Leave the My Computer: Oar use in the following st eps. In this case there was hardly any reduction in file size.

While ArcMap can display compressed feature layers by uncompressing t hem on the fiy, you will use the next step to uncompress the folder and get the layers back to original size.

There are many tasks, therefore, that you need to know how to perform on these mbles, including modifying columns and values. The key identifier, or:: STFID is a candidate key, meaning that it, too, is a unique iclentifier-!

When finished, dose t he Cities table.. For example, there are hundreds: Instead, you select the variables you wish, download a corresponding table from the Census Bureau Web site, and join the table t o thE tract polygon t able. For tables to join, t hey must share unique identifiers or keys. Wherever this ratio is greater than one, Native Americans earn more than Whites.

Next, you must select only records where PClncWht is greater than zero, because PClncWht is the divisor for this ratio and will be used to calculate values for RNatWht. Anything divided by zero is undefined, so this case must be avoided.

Apply, Close. CIo" th, tabl,wh,n fim,h,d For example, you might obtain data from other departments in your organization, download commercially available data, or download data from the Internet. If this data is stored in a table such as an Excel or comma-separated-value table and has geocodes such as census tract numbers matching your tract map layer you can import it into a file geodatabase and join it to your geographic features for display on your map.

Next, you will join the CensusTractData table to the polygon Tracts feature class. The same steps work if your map layer is a shapefile or map layer in another format supported by ArcMap.

In tho k t. The centroid of a polygon is the point at which the polygon would balance on a pencil point if it were cut out of cardboard. Together, polygons and their centroids give you the ability to display two attributes of the same map layer, one as a cho- ropleth map and the other as a size-graduated point marker map. ArcMap has an algorithm that calculates and adds centroid coordinates to your attribute table, thereby alloWing you to create a new point layer.

The at t ribute name is fully qualifi ed to Tracts. X to indicate that of t he joined set of tables in t he display. ArcMap identifies the X attribute as being in the Tracts table.

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Y and select Y Coordinate of Centroid. Then,there are several possible uses for the resultant table, one of which is to use it to make a new point layer based on the centroid coordinates.

Open the table to see that it has all of the columns of both joined tables. Then dose the table. The coordinate system's geographic spherical coordinates are the same as of the 'Iraas layer, so the simplest option is to import the syst em specification from Tracts.

Nowyou car get a better look at the centroids point layer you just creat ed. Let's see how per capita income compares with percentage of total population that is Hispanic.

A car beat is the patrol area of a single police car. The end result will be a chorop- leth map of car beats displaying the number of crime-prone businesses of a certa kind: There are preliminary tasks before aggregating the data. First you need to assign each business the identifier for the car beat in which it resides. This requires the unique GIS functionality of a spatial join, usin the polygon map layer for car beats as the input data.

Then you have to join Q coei table to the businesses feature class and use the code descriptions to select the subset of businesses to aggregate. Finally, there are aggregation steps. The map that opens displays police car beats in Rochest er, New York, as polygons, and all businesses as points. ArcMap creat es the new BusinessesSpatiaiJoin shapefile and adds it to your map document.

I t PM'" tt. Census Bureau classification for private-sector businesses.

Note that SIC is a text value, beca1;. Not e also in t he right side of the table that each business has BEAT as an attribute from t he spatial join. Later, BEAT will be t he basis for count ing businesses by car beat. The code va. Next, you will join this table to the Businesses table, so that you can see the nature of each business, but of course only matching four-digit codes will join. The join is called a one-to-many join beca. D a code table to a feature attribute table 1 Right-click the BusinessesSpatiaUoin layer in the table of contents, click Joins and Relates, and click Join.

I File ge odatabases 2 Type or make the selections shown in the graphic, but do not click OK. You get a report that 9, of 9, business records successfully join. Your "Where" expression must read SIC. You should get a message that the expression was successfully verified. If not, look for an error, fix it by editing the expression directly, and verify it un you get it correct.

ArcMap highlights all of the eating and drinking places wit the selection point marker. At the lower right of the ArcMap window it should say that 4 features are selected. The text values in expressions are case sensitive, which is why: Click Properties, the Labels tab, and the They reason that real estate t axes are unfair because they place a larger burden on low- and fixed-income families.

For example, property values and real estate taxes increase over time, but retired people genera1ly have fixed incomes.

So over time, ret ired people use a larger proportion of their income for real estate taxes. It is fairer to tax earned income- whether it is fixed or increasing over time. Cram is your number one online educational resource. This page provides access to all the key info you need as a Praxis test-taker in Kansas, including exam dates, testing center locations, fees, registration info, and prep resources.

Have you found out something interesting about the game that others might enjoy? Tell them here! If you have any questions about the babyz game, you should ask them in the Babyz forum. ISSN [Refereed These data also allow us to determine costs per learn unit and costs per correct response, providing what may be the first cost-benefit measure of education or therapy. Qualitative levels are provided when published norms do not permit conversion. If you relied on counting alone, all you would have is a raw score - and a raw brain.

F, shall also apply to combination schools. Degrees conferred on or after September 1, , where the GPA is less than 3.

New from Cambridge University Press! The Lexicon By James Pustejovsky and Olga Batiukova The Lexicon "The text can be used for introductory and advanced courses, and for courses that touch upon different aspects of the lexicon, such as lexical semantics, lexicography, syntax, general linguistics, computational lexicology and ontology design.

Your state licensing agency or teacher preparation program will determine which Praxis test is best suited for you, along with the required score.

The scale sets the average score or mean for the test at a round number. Our tests contain over analogies to help you prepare for the MAT. Mometrix SLP Praxis flash card set An Advanced Review of Speech-Language Pathology: Preparation for Praxis Two of my most utilized study prep tools ended up being the Advanced Review book make sure you get the book with the accompanying flash drive that includes several practice tests , and the Mometrix flash card set.

I ended up with a raw score of I was just wondering if anyone has gotten 76 or below and whether they passed or not. There are multiple versions of the test, but they all use selected response multiple choice questions so the way they are scored is the same. Learn more about how we make money from our partners. What does it all mean? For more detailed information about what your score report includes, how to interpret your score report, what represents a passing score, and the score scales used to rate your performance on a GACE assessment, see Understanding Your GACE Scores.

What are raw scores? A raw score describes the number of points awarded for correct answers on a test or subtest, or number of tasks performed correctly.

Although I do know someone who passed with the same raw score. On a constructed-response test, the raw score is the number of points awarded by the scorers. A raw score of 72 seems a little low to pass.

Don't have time for a full-length practice test? Praxis raw score conversion keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Objective: Observational studies and anecdotal reports suggest that sertraline, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, may improve language development in young children with f Acceptable Praxis Exam and Required Minimum Score Slp praxis exam passing score.

See more ideas about Speech language therapy, Languages and Speech and language. A raw score can also measure the frequency of a behavior.

Passing a standardized test is a basic requirement for teacher certification in almost all states. Your scaled score is computed from your total number of raw points in a way that adjusts for the difficulty of the questions.

If you search around the web, it looks like some state licensure boards have switched to as passing, but it's not clear if that starts this year or in Conclusions Including Clinical Relevance : The tp-score is a score strongly correlated with severity of dysphagia and functional activities of the patients.

GIS Tutorial 1 is a hands-on workbook with step-by-step exercises that take the reader from the basics of using ArcGlS Desktop interfaces through performing advanced spatial analyses. Instructors can use this book for the lab portion of a GIS course, or individuals can use it for self-study. You can learn a lot about GIS concepts and principles by "doing" and we provide many short notes on a "just -in-time" basis to help this kind of learning.

Then come the chapters of part 2, "Working with spatial data," and part 3, "Learning advanced GIS applications. In chapter 1, readers learn the basics of working with existing GIS dat a and maps. In chapters 2 and 3, they learn how t o build maps from GIS data. The exercises in chapter 4 teach readers how to create geodatabases and import data into them.The map document opens to the Middl e Hill neighborhood.

To rnea? D a code table to a feature attribute table 1 Right-click the BusinessesSpatiaUoin layer in the table of contents.. Use size from 4 to 4 to get same size and then double-click each symbol to change coior. I have got this far, but the code stops after opening the word document. This supremely organized reference is packed with hundreds of time-saving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds.

You learn t hat t he source map was small scale, 1: An X,V table shows schools and their geographical coordinates. When you unzip the downloaded file you get Ira"! Here we show the minimum amount of code to get a Python COM server running.

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