If you want to create PDF documents from your articles, you should install Phoca PDF component and Phoca PDF Content plugin. However, it's not as easy as it. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca PDF plugin - specific plugin for specific part of Joomla! (e.g. plugin for content). You can. In Joomla! the PDF feature is not more included. If you want to create PDF documents from your articles, you should install Phoca PDF component and.

Phoca Tutorial Pdf

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Phoca Documentation is Joomla! CMS component used to display Joomla's articles and categories as a documentation site, e.g. as User Manual, User guide, . Then get your folder of all Dad's photos, make sure that the photos are all oriented the right way, and FTP the folder into joomla/images/phocagallery/ Birthdays. Documentation - user guides, tutorials, manuals for Phoca extensions. Phoca PDF · Phoca Email · Phoca Panorama · Phoca Commander · Phoca Photo.

It was pretty simple, and instructions on how to do this is on their website. I would recommend this to anyone who wanted joomla content to be pdf's automatically with a simple button on the frontend. Matt Harmer 1. Posted on 25 August I used this extension for the first time today.

Phoca Documentation

It is easy to Install, very configurable. I found no problems.

Posted on 12 May I have installed and used it. But what I am really looking was, the ability to convert a page which is not an article into pdf.

I need to convert a custom HTML into pdf. But what this component does was no different with the inbuilt joomla pdf.

After installation, go to Plugin Manager and enable this plugin so it will be active. Now Joomla!

But we need one more little thing - a link to PDF. Unfortunately, articles are a part of Joomla!


Phoca PDF system plugin tries to find a place where Joomla! Such feature has a lot limitations:.

What is the advantage of such solution? In case you want to display PDF icon only in article view and your template output has standard format, then you don't need to modify the content files see below every time you will upgrade your Joomla!

Edit the following file if your template overrides Joomla!

Blank page when editing forms in the backend with RSForm! Pro

Edit the following files if your template overrides Joomla! If Joomla! Use Inline Browser Popup instead which is default. Cache system plugin does not create correct cache file if Inline Browser parameter is set.

Plugin Installation. Font installation. Displaying content plugins inside PDF document.Email feauture is available for users who are regularly active in Phoca Forum, are regularly translating Phoca Extensions or have donated to Phoca Project If you have a lot of files, before you upload any files, it is important to create a folder structure here which matches the folder structure on your home computer.

This will allow us to offer four different downloads to different groups of users. It is a base for creating advanced component which will have the following features: Then click Save and Close and View Site. Thank you!

Generate a PDF from ACYMailing

Phoca PDF Version: Framework JoomlaCode. Phoca Cart component installation is required to run this module. Went to my live site to check the changes and a fatal error of some kind made the entire site blank.

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