Marco by Sydney Landon. by Sydney Landon on February 18, Original TitleMarco: Lucian & Lia: Book 8; CreatorSydney Landon; Languageeng. My name is Anthony Moretti and I'm the prince of the Moretti family. Although I'm not active in the crime syndicate that my father, Draco Moretti. by Sydney Landon on December 26, File Namefractured-by-sydney-; Original TitleFractured; CreatorSydney Landon; Languageen.

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Pierced by Sydney Landon was epicly enthralling!!! I cannot wait for the next book!!!" Sexy Bibliophiles "5 piercing stars from me! You get a. Lucian & Lia Trilogy, Sydney Landon, Smashwords Edition. Des milliers de livres avec la livraison chez vous en 1 jour ou en magasin avec -5% de réduction. Danvers series by Sydney Landon Always Loving You (Danvers, #6) Watch Over Me (Danvers, #7) The One for Me (Danvers, #8) (epub) Wishing For Us.

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Names, characters, establishments, organisations, and incidents are either products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously to give a sense of authenticity. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. What a page-turner. I loved this book and the chemistry between Lia and Lucian was sweet and steamy. Landon certainly knows how to write a book that captures the reader and keeps them reading until the end.

This book had it all, laughter, steam, suspense, drama and sorrow.

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This book will have your heart beating a mile a minute for many different reasons!!! Book Bitches Blog "This is hands down an Awesome read.

From start to finish it grabs on and doesn't let go. There is something that can pertain to everyone in this story, and I would love everyone in the world to experience what I did when I read this book!!

Pierced by Sydney Landon was epicly enthralling!!! I cannot wait for the next book!!! You get a sizzling story as the pages turn. Pierced is hands down 5 stars and deserving of more. Sydney Landon brings all her talent to the table with this book! I was always on my feet thinking I was going to find out what happens but I don't.

Just when I think I have it all figured out, something else happens and it changes. When I say if you haven't read "Pierced" you are really missing out, it's the truth. I have read a lot of fabulous books but this story captured me from the beginning. She is as essential to me as the air I breathe. My reasons for never opening up about Cassie with her now seem pointless. I acknowledge that the real fear all along was that my actions during the last days of my relationship with Cassie might lead Lia to believe I'm no longer a man she can trust with her heart.

Having to admit to someone you love that a severe lack of judgment on your part set into motion a chain of events that would forever change lives is a terrifying prospect.

Lee (Lucian & Lia #6) by Sydney Landon (ePUB)

Cindy told me you left the office in a hurry. Is everything okay? I'd asked my aunt earlier to meet me for coffee to discuss a treatment plan for my-problem. At the time, it had seemed like a positive step forward in my future with Lia. A future that now seems more uncertain than ever before. I've hurt the woman I love and I fucking hate myself for it. I feel a hand on my arm as my aunt asks in concern, "What's happened? Is it Lia? Turning bleak, pain-filled eyes toward her, I say, "She left me.

She had been more than surprised at my relationship with Lia in the beginning, but it seems even she is stunned by this turn of events.

It appears the women in my life aren't very fond of that particular habit of mine, no? Of course, she has no idea about Lia's long-lost father. Motioning to the door I walked through just moments before, she says, "Let's go back to your apartment and talk.

I need to go after her. Call Rose and make sure Lia arrived safely then you and I are going to go somewhere and have that talk. As much as I want to run after Lia, maybe it would be a better idea to think of what I'm going to say first instead of making another mistake. I pull my phone from my pocket and pull up Rose's number. She answers with, "Yes, she's here. I didn't want her to hear me talking to you. What in the hell happened between you two?

She hasn't told me anything yet. Just some bullshit about needing space. I didn't tell her ahead of time and I should have. I'm sorry, but that's all I can say.

I'm sure she'll tell you the specifics. I'll be there in a few hours to talk to her, but in the meantime, could you please take care of my girl? I'm always the last to know everything.

I guess you need the address of my new apartment, right? I'd completely forgotten that she'd moved after Lia's attack. Neither woman could face living in the building where Lia's stepfather had attempted to rape her.

Hell, I'd gladly download the place just to burn it down if St. Claire's University would allow it. Unfortunately, they wouldn't part with one of their dormitories. Do you know what that is? Sam is somewhat of a gun collector and Ruger is one of his favorite brands of handguns.

He usually opts for a shooting range, whereas Rose seems to be more of a loose cannon with her hobby. The police had picked her up on several occasions recently for terrorizing her cheating ex-boyfriend.

I was pretty sure by this point, she wasn't all talk. Turning to my aunt, I wave my hand to the Starbucks across the street and we walk there in silence.

It wouldn't have been my first pick for a private conversation, but at this time of the day, it's fairly deserted. We both order a plain coffee and when they are ready, take them to a table in the far corner.

Looking mildly curious, my aunt asks, "Do I even want to know why you were discussing guns with Lia's friend? Trust me, you don't.

Sydney Landon

Suffice to say, Lia has a very protective friend. I'm always happy to hear from you, but I gathered this was to be more than a social call.

It's the feeling many adult children have when reminded by a parent that they don't stay in touch enough. I love my aunt and would do anything for her, but until Lia, I'd always been more of a loner. I have friends who I consider family, but I prefer to keep them at a safe distance.

People I love don't seem to fare well. I have no idea how to delicately state my reason for needing to see her, so I get to the point. There is no flicker of surprise. I find that instead of her, I'm the one at a loss for words now. She leans forward in her chair and briefly squeezes my hand before admitting, "I know, Luc. I mean I didn't know you were specifically using cocaine, but I knew there was something.

I just hoped that at some point, you'd come to me for help.

Since his nephew has been my supplier for years, I'd find it hard to believe he would have the nerve to rat me out. My aunt would likely kick his ass. That leaves only Lia and Aidan and I can't see either of them letting her in on my secret. She releases a breath before answering my question. Trust me when I say that I've seen it all. I was afraid being off her bipolar medication would send her into a tailspin, and my fears were justified.

I was in the habit of staying out late most nights just to avoid the almost daily fights between Luc and Cassie. With that plan in mind, it had been rather anti-climactic to find a quiet apartment when I arrived home. I had grabbed a glass of water and was walking down the hallway when I heard a muffled shout, followed by laughter that seemed eerily sinister.

I hesitated in front of their closed door for a moment. The last thing I wanted was to walk in on them having sex. I had almost decided to move on when something stopped me. The air was so heavy around me that I was having difficulty taking a full breath.

I felt on the edge of a panic attack, and I had no idea why. All I knew was that every internal alarm was blaring, and almost in slow motion, I reached out to open their door. What made me barge in without extending that common courtesy? Then the world had fallen away only to slam back into focus as I had attempted to process the horrifying scene before my eyes.

Blood—so much blood everywhere. Somehow, I called The sound of Lucian choking and gasping and Cassie expelling some kind of broken, demented laughter has haunted me ever since.

Out of the pieces I remember, I think those two things might be the worst.

For the most part, I blocked them from my mind during my waking hours, but at night, they often slipped in when my guard was down.

By saving her the first time, I simply delayed the inevitable. My hand freezes, holding the glass suspended in midair before I slowly lower it back to the table. Even from a distance, she looks familiar.Best audiobooks in English Apr 12, at 9: My mother is sick, and my father is being as evasive as a dirty politician up for re-election.

Forgot password? I liken someone attempting to beat cancer to pissing in the wind.

Anthony by Sydney Landon

Use your mouse for move the cell. No running, no freaking out. The Goal 5 of 5.

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