The End of the World - Zombie Apocalypse - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text to look through that new RPG and get things ready for the session tonight. do. From publisher blurb: Enter the end times with Zombie Apocalypse, the first book in The End of the World roleplaying line! The dead rise and stalk the earth. The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse - Enter the end times with DriveThruRPG: Your One-Stop Shop for the Best in RPG PDF Files!.

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WILLPOWER. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1d. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1w. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. 1m. Name: THE END OF THE WORLD. Journey straight to the apocalypse with The End of the World roleplaying line, four settings of horror and survival set amid humanity's last days: Zombie. Subreddit for FFG's The End of the World RPG line. submitted 2 months ago by zombiecommand anyone have a PDF of the Revolt of the Machines manual ( adunsexanro.gqoftheworldrpg) Anyone wanna join a Zombie Apocalypse game.

The dead rise and stalk the earth, hungry for the flesh of the living.


All that stands between a zombie and your brain are your skills, wits, and talents. This roleplaying game offers you the chance to play as yourself during the tumult of the apocalypse, using an elegant, narrative ruleset.

Zombie Apocalypse contains five unique scenarios, each offering a different take on the rise of the undead. Each scenario also contains an apocalypse and a post-apocalypse, allowing you to survive the initial panic and make your way in life after the world's ending.

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Click here. The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse.

Watermarked PDF. Average Rating 20 ratings.

Bundles containing this product: Wrath of the Gods. The End of the World: Revolt of the Machines. Alien Invasion. Customers Who Bought this Title also downloadd.

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M G S December 19, 8: Amanda R December 27, 7: What are the five different scenarios, please? How is that not in the product description? Chad K February 12, Jimmy P February 14, 9: Travis P February 21, 9: That is expensive for a PDF. It's Fantasy Flight. They make good products but they love to nickel and dime, or hook you for multiple downloads per product line.

Rory H June 13, Chad K June 14, 3: Rory- Is yours? Its letting people know that they think is overpriced.

End of the world on PDF

That is constructive criticism. You dont have to agree with it. The same rules are repeated in every book, only the setting is different.

FF games are on the high side. Jesse C January 16, 5: I bought the hardback book I bought both. The pdf has only been available for a couple of days. Chris M January 16, 4: I have to say I would kind of like the idea of playing myself as an idea more than a reality right now I'm having medical issues and I'm in a wheelchair so I wouldn't last long. I remember years ago back in the 80's a friend of mine created a storytelling kind of game few rules, mostly just verbally telling the story where we played a version of ourselves.

It was pretty fun. Christine C January 27, 8: It's specified in the book that you don't need to include anything that would interfere too much with your enjoyment of the game. Sam H January 15, 8: Are you locked into playing as yourself? The game looks interesting and I'm intrigued, but the idea of playing as myself or anybody playing as themselves doesn't appeal at all. Lemuel P January 15, I haven't read the book yet, but I can't see how they'd "enforce" it.

I think the takeaway is that you're a real person, and to expect the game to deal with that information in real-ish terms. I just so happen to be a 5'4" Korean-American electrician from Philly today. Let's go. While the games main premise is you play as yourselves you absolutely do not have to.

Want to make a Navy seal, scientist or anything you want go ahead. They do recommend that if one is playing a fictional character that either all the players do the same or agree on allowing it for one or two. I for one enjoy the premise. All my players made characters based on their current selves except one who made himself as he thought he was 20 years ago. One thing also to keep in mind is you make a character based on your current self.

In game you take up shooting or are getting exercise by running away so much and not always having food on hand you could translate that into features to improve your character. People who have allergies well they are screwed ;. I would have to find out about how those affect you to properly judge how to run it. I don't have anyone who truly has many issues like that, mostly just glasses and the fact they can't see without them.

Andrew S January 14, 8: I have the physical book, the rules are concise and sharp. This is a great narrative storygame about zombie survival, not a lot of 'crunch".

Fans of FATE will see some familiar feeling rules for character feature and trauma consequences. Im very happy with this game. I second this.

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Players follow up Features with Traumas their characters might possess. Did you throw your back out helping your friend move earlier in the day?

Obviously, Traumas are only setbacks — both mental and physical — a player would be willing to share with the group. Lastly players will equip their characters based on what they physically have in their possession or close at hand.

Cell phones, pocket knives, energy bars, and so forth are considered equipment. In most cases the characters will surely be unprepared gear-wise for the undead hordes.

Any action which has a chance of failure, involves opposition, or could inflict harm becomes a Test. The Game Master determines what characteristic the Test falls under then the player will collect his dice pool to roll.

The dice pool is composed of positive and negative D6s preferably of two different color to determine one from the other where advantageous Features, equipment, assistance, and situations can earn positive dice while the difficulty, danger, Features working against the character, Traumas, and disadvantages of the situation add negative dice.

Each negative die result matching the pips on a positive die cancel each other out. If any positive dice remain which are lower than the designated characteristic then the action succeeds.

The End Of The World: Zombie Apocalypse (Our First Campaign)

If not, then you fail. All told the rules of The End of the World chimes in at twenty four pages with an additional ten pages devoted to running the game. The reality is the rules are more of a skeleton than a fully fleshed out system. What most gamers will probably be more interested in are the five included scenarios involving the rise of the undead. Eliot then this should be titled Whimper… but this scenario deals with zombie mythology and voodoo , and Under the Skin a strange parasite infects humans and animals causing them to feast on brain tissue.

Each scenario runs around eighteen pages broken into an apocalypse and post apocalypse section along with a timeline of early events. Also included are some NPC prototypes such as the sort of undead the players will battle as well as human survivors and military types.

I mentioned early in the review The End of the World was a series I was solidly looking forward to checking out and, sorry to say, the first release is a major disappointment for quite a few reasons.Keep an eye on your PCs' stress tracks and use them to guide you in adding negative dice to their pools.

Most of them only matter for an encounter or two and then are never seen again. Day 2 The first living person is shot and killed after being mistaken for a ghoul. The innate danger or difficulty of the task can add one or more negative dice. I will admit I have not playe [ Next the players will assign Features to their characters. I would have to find out about how those affect you to properly judge how to run it.

Or perhaps fend off Martian invaders bent on breeding with all humanity?

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