Nov 16, At 13 years old, Adrian Mole has more than his fair share of problems—spots, ill- health, parents threatening to divorce, rejection of his poetry. The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3 4. Home · The Adrian Mole: Diary of a Provincial Man · Read more 4 Adrian Moles wilde Träume · Read more. Adrian Mole has 16 entries in the series. Adrian Mole (Series). Sue Townsend Author (). cover image of The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13 3/4.

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THE SECRET DIARY OF ADRIAN MOLE 1. Pedro Sánchez. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking. The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole. The first volume of Adrian Mole's diary took him to his fifteenth birthday and a humiliating accident to his nose with a model. The Secret Diary Adrian Mole - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. The Secret Diary Adrian Mole.

The Prostrate Years. To mark the royal wedding, Sue Townsend has writt… More. Book Adrian Mole faces the same agonies that life sets… More. Shelve The Adrian Mole Diaries. From Minor to Major by Sue Townsend. From Minor to Major brings together… More. From Minor to Major. The Lost Years by Sue Townsend.

A compliation of the first four books in the seri… More.

The Lost Years. Sue Townsend Boxed Set: Shelve Sue Townsend Boxed Set: Shelve The Adrian Mole Omnibus. Adrian Mole at Sea by Sue Townsend. Shelve Adrian Mole at Sea. Adrian gets in trouble at school for wearing red socks.

This is against the rules. Adrian did it because he was feeling rebellious.

Pandora organises a sock protest committee. Their protest was stopped by their headmaster and they were all suspended for a week.

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Bert is taken to a retirement home even though he didnt want to. He hates it there. Adrian and Pandora wrote a magazine called The Voice of Youth. Only 1 of copies was sold. Adrian gets a letter from the hospital which invites him to get his tonsils out. After the operation he finds out that Bert has befriended a woman called Queenie.

They decided to marry. Adrians father still has no job and has problems with paying all the bills. Adrians mother came back to Adrians father because Mr. Lucas treated her lik e a sex object.

Adrians father was extremely happy. Adrians parents both stopped smoking. After a while Adrians father finally got a job.

Book Report: The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 3/4

Pandora gets into a fight with another girl who likes Adrian. After that she ignores Adrian for a few days. They make up later.

The day they make up is also the day that the Falkland War began. Initial incident I think the initial incident is the fight between Adrians parents. After their fight a lot of things changed for many people. I think this fight created even more tension between Adrians parents.

Climax Adrians parent got back together. Bert marries Queenie. Pandora and Adrian made up. Inner Conflict I think Adrians inner conflict is that he tries to prove to that he is an intellectual and how to handle love. He doesnt like the fact that Pandora is smarter than he is. He keeps sending the BBC letters and he reads a lot of English literature.

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He wanted to marry Pandora as soon as he was old enough but she wanted to go to a university first. Theme The theme of this story is love.

There are a lot of love. The love and romantic relationships of Adrian, Pandora, his parents, Mr. Lucas, Doreen. They are all very different. Personal Opinion I liked the way Adrian handled the divorce. He wasnt really sad about it, like you would expect of a child.

I also liked how Adrian worried about so many things. I would recommend this story to others because its written like a diary.

There are that many books that are written like this. My nipples have swollen! I am turning into a girl!!! I think its funny how he sometimes says ridiculous things like that. Brett, a name his father stole from his then-wife Pauline, has an elder half-brother, Maxwell. The Slater family and George lived for a short time with George's mother Edna and eventually Brett moved with his mother and brother to Bournemouth.

Brett re-enters Adrian's life in , as an Oxford undergraduate who as been commissioned by Channel 4 to shoot a documentary on a council estate, and chose Adrian's site. Brett is everything Adrian ever wanted to be; rich, successful and popular with the ladies.

During the short time he stayed with his brother, he became a role model for Adrian's sons Glenn and William and left cables, cameras and crew all over Adrian's house. When the documentary flopped, Brett and his team disappeared within three hours. Brett re-appeared again in The Prostrate Years as a successful businessman who lost his empire and three riverside apartments in London , Tokyo and New York City to the credit crunch.

He informs the Mole family that Doreen Slater died in a motorbike accident which, to Adrian, seemed to be a fabricated version of what really happened - there were a few facts that didn't add up. Upon his arrival, Brett proceeded to steal the eyes of Adrian's daughter Gracie, wife Daisy and both Adrian's parents. Adrian clears up after him, stops his brother's alcoholism and generally sorts him out; Brett lives on with Adrian after getting his life back on track before leaving once again.

Provider of Sunday dinners, constant electricity and unwanted religion, Edna is a strict, no-nonsense widow, and has lived alone since the death of her husband. She doesn't believe in home security systems; if she goes out she turns up Radio 4 and leaves the door unlocked; and besides, if she fitted one people would think she had something worth stealing.

Edna dotes on her grandchild, and will often give him 50p for a Mars Bar. Edna is well renowned in the family for her wonderful Sunday dinners, and it is remarked that she used the same Yorkshire pudding tin for forty years.

She, and her husband, are strongly opposed to their daughter's lesbianism. Edna keeps money in three separate vases: one for gas, electricity and heating. Edna dies during The Wilderness Years.

Following her death, Pauline shows a momentous outpouring of grief, to the family's surprise. Edna and Albert have three great-grandchildren - Glenn, William and Gracie - and a great-great-grandchild unborn as of Albert Mole, commonly known as Grandad Mole died , is Adrian's deceased paternal grandfather and the father of George and Susan. Adrian mentions that when he was six, a dog bit his arm and his grandmother put iodine on the wound while Albert kicked the dog around the kitchen.

Albert was a veteran of both World War I and II ; alongside mentions of his serving in the Battle of Ypres , his son George once said "just the sound of Lilli Marlene and he would be crying.

Your Grandma would send him out the room to pull himself together". He is once described as cold and would tire quickly of his grandson's frequent questions, much to his bewilderment. He, and his wife, are strongly opposed to their daughter's lesbianism. Adrian remembers the family wanting to pay their last respects to Albert in his coffin, but nobody could find the screwdriver to lift the lid off with.

He used to work at the factory on Rat Wharf - Adrian later moves into a block of flats standing where the factory used to be. Albert and Edna have three great-grandchildren - Glenn, William and Gracie - and a great-great-grandchild unborn as of She works as a prison guard at Holloway , and always gets Adrian's birthday wrong.

Susan, a lesbian , is first seen dating Gloria, but a reference is later made of her marriage to a woman named Amanda. Susan gave advice to Nigel Hetherington when he was planning to tell his parents that he was gay ; she said "I just came out with it. Like it or lump it. Susan always sends Adrian birthday cards which he describes as 'vulgar! Susan has two great-nephews, Glenn and William, and a great-niece, Gracie.

She smokes Panama cigarettes.


Grandma and Grandad Sugden are Adrian's maternal grandparents and Pauline's boring parents. They are religious Norfolk potato farmers who fail to enjoy life unless something is being harvested or slaughtered, and are described as "all inbred and can't talk properly!

They disapprove of her constant divorces. As of The Cappuccino Years , they are still alive. Grandad Sugden has a condition that sends him to sleep every twenty minutes, "but only for ten second or so" as Grandma Sugden says. They gave their grandson a Bible Stories for Boys for Christmas They are strict tee-totallers who think the only decent part of Christmas is the Queen's speech.

Both Grandma Mole and Aunt Susan dislike them intensely. In Pauline's autobiography, A Girl called Shit a parody of A Child Called 'It' , she describes her father as "a brutal giant of a man, with a head of black hair and a matted beard. She describes her mother as Lady Clarissa Cavendish-Stronge, a local aristocrat who met her husband when she fell off her horse. Adrian knows this is a lie; a family rumor is that Grandma Sugden once attended a gymkhana and was asked to leave when her face upset the horses.

They are described as having faces that look like they visit funerals every day of their lives, so much to the point that Adrian and George can't believe that his mother is related to them. In a letter to Pauline during her separation from George, the Sugdens wrote to inform her that Dennis, Marcia and Maurice have moved out of their caravan and into a council house, and that Cousin Maurice lost a grey sock at the Mole household during his stay at Christmas, much to Auntie Marcia's dismay.

Pauline replied that she would gladly come up and inspect their house, and sent them a one-pound note to download Maurice a new pair of socks.

Their relationship to Pauline is unclear; Pauline refers to them as 'Auntie' and 'Uncle', but it is commonly thought that Dennis is Pauline's brother. After their stay at Christmas, this particular branch of the Sugden clan is not referenced to again.The two reconcile when Pamela goes on a hen night with her lesbian friends Philippa and Mary, and the couple's song starts playing on the disco floor.

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Egoistic, he doesnt like the fact that some people have things he doesnt have. Just my luck. For example, Adrian later states that he can count the women he has had carnal knowledge of "on the fingers of one hand". I dont think it was necessary to use this place.

Time: The story take place from till This places the events before Weapons of Mass Destruction even though they were published in book form afterwards. Glenn and Adrian meet for the first time on Father's Day , causing a tense atmosphere over the Mole household. Featured Authors. Shelve Sue Townsend Boxed Set:

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