CAMBRIDGE face2face. (Elementary Workbook. Chris Redston with Gillie Cunningham. Page 2. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS. Cambridge, New York . Face2face Elementary adunsexanro.gq Face2face Elementary Teachers Book. pdf Longman Student Grammar of Spoken and Written English adunsexanro.gq Cambridge Face2face Elementary Workbook WoKey 2nd Second Edition(1) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Face2face: elementary [A1-A2]: workbook with answer key. by Chris Redston; Gillie Cunningham; Cambridge University Press. Print book. English. формат (format): PDF, Mp3, CD-Exe, DVD The face2face Elementary Student's Book CD-ROM/Audio CD won the ESU President's Award Audio CD's ISBN: ; Face2Face Elementary Workbook ISBN: face2face elementary workbook pdf download. Face2face Elementary Workbook Pdf Download. 3 Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. healthpapopa By healthpapopa.

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Face2face Elementary Students Book.pdf

Stock Image. Published by Cambridge University Press New Softcover Quantity Available: Seller Rating: BookVistas New Delhi, India.

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Essential Grammar in Use

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Sign Up. See more of Teachercom's Library on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Complete the questions and short answers. No, she doesnt. Then write the questions. Chinese food.

He goes cycling and watches DVDs. At the weekend. Find the food U.

Are these sentences true T or false F? We all love food, but we dont all like the same 7 8 9 10 things. Read these amazing food facts from around the world and see how different we are. People in China eat about ,,, kgs of rice a year more than in any other country in Countable and uncountable nouns the world.

In McDonalds restaurants in India they dont sell 1 Id like a bottle of beer, please. All the meat in their burgers is chicken or lamb.

Cambridge 9781139567220 Face2face Elementary Workbook WoKey 2nd Second Edition(1)

They also sell vegetarian burgers. People in Ireland drink about litres of beer a 3 I have apple and banana every day. In Germany, people drink about litres 4 We eat bread every day, but we dont usually a year.

American people eat about 10 kg of chocolate every year, but Japanese people eat only 3 kg a year. There are 7 Can I have glass of orange juice, please? The restaurant also has 24, plates!

The Solo per Due restaurant in Vacone, in central 9 I often have toast and jam for breakfast. Italy, has only got one table for two people! Reading and Writing Portfolio 4 p Then write their opposites. Past Simple 1: Then fill in the gaps with these question words and was or were. Brazil won 32 on 2 the final? Russian President. There was a general election in South 4 the South African general election? Africa in April Nelson Mandela In April Tom 6 Tom Hanks in ?

Face2face Elementary Workbook.pdf

Hanks, who won an Oscar for best actor in Forrest Gump, was 38 at the time. He was Past Simple 3 Read about an actor and an actress who appeared in James Camerons films.

Put the verbs in the Past Simple.

She 11 was He 3 study business at the University change her name to Sigourney Weaver when she 12 be a teenager. She 13 study of Wisconsin and he also 4 want to be an actor. He 5 make the first Terminator film, directed by English literature at Stanford University and drama in James Cameron, in and Terminator 2: Judgement Day in New York. She 14 become famous in when she 15 win an Oscar for her He was also in the third Terminator film: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines in Then he 6 become performance as Ellen Ripley in Alien.

She 16 a politician and he 7 be Governor of California make three more Alien films Aliens, directed by from to Maria Schriver, in and they 9 get married Sigourney 17 marry another director, Jim in Simpson, in and they have one child. Past Simple 2: Past Simple questions 4 Fill in the gaps in these questions. There is one gap for each word. In Austria. When he was In Eight years. Maria Schriver.

When she was a teenager. Then fill in the gaps with the Past 2 a Yvonne is at work on Monday morning. Read the Simple of the verbs in the boxes. Then choose the correct responses How was your weekend? I went away for the weekend.

We had a wonderful time.

It was her birthday. So how was your weekend? My husband, David, was in bed we home, so he went to bed. In the 8 with a cold. Bed at midnight. Is he OK now? What did you b Make questions with these words and write them in the Sunday 15th October correct places ag in 2a.

Harry hes in South America at the moment. Change the incorrect words in bold. Well, last weekend we went 3in Adjectives with very, really, quite, too Paris! It 4were amazing! On Saturday afternoon we 6walk around the city A Wow! Then in the evening B Yes, I bought it last week. On A Do you want to come to the Caritas club tonight? Sunday we 9have breakfast by the river and it 10were B No, I hate that place. Then 11on the afternoon we went up the 3 A Hi, Chris.

Eiffel Tower. When we 12was at the top Phil asked me to B Yes, I won 10 million on the lottery last weekend! I said yes, of course! Then we had dinner in 4 A Mum, can we go and see Dead Again? Its for people over It was a fantastic weekend! Speak soon. A B b Read the email again. Then complete sentences 18 with when they did these things. C D 5 They walked around the city. Reading and Writing Portfolio 5 p Language Summary 6, Students Book p Jeff 4 go to Princeton University and 5 study electrical engineering and computer science.

After he 6 leave university he 7 work on Wall Street in New York, but he 8 want to start his own internet company. At first he hours every day. site 13 download some concert tickets. At first site only 15 sell books, then in 3 I like blogs about it 16 start selling CDs. Now you can download almost anything on site other peoples holidays.

DVDs, video games, computers, software, TVs, clothes and things for the house. Past Simple 3: He didnt go to Stanford University.

Does this caf WiFi?

Did you it? Make questions with these words. Theres a good film on at 9. Where can I my phone? I often use it when Im for you. Can you 1 Do you can make video calls on your phone? Now you 8 I didnt got a text from you yesterday. Read signs Then write short answers to these questions. Yes, they can. Can he smoke here?

Can they come in here? Its 11 a. Can he drive here? Can Silvio park here? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Based on the communicative face2face approach, it combines the best in current methodology with innovative new features designed to make learning and teaching easier.

The study guide helps you Raymond Murphy identify which language points to focus on.A self-study reference and practice book for elementary students. Vocabulary and grammar are given equal importance and there is a strong focus on listening and speaking in social situations. Cambridge University Press the second edition of the Students Book, and everyone at Blooberry for the has built up the CEC to provide evidence about language use that helps to book design.

B You too. Write the words for the things 3 Read Barrys email. Some things you'll never find here are selfishness, arrogance, or neglect. No day without browsing the number one site on Earth. The restaurant also has 24, plates!

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