Contoh Soal TOEIC Grammar Dan Jawaban - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read SOAL TES TOEFL DAN PEMBAHASAN JAWABAN download soal Structure TOEFL dan kunci jawaban. Uploaded by. สุทธิศักดิ์ สีไสย. Contoh Soal TOEIC Grammar Dan Jawaban. Uploaded by. Bayuu Mahfudz. download soal Structure TOEFL dan kunci jawaban. CONTOH-CONTOH PERTANYAAN TOEI C (Contoh soal disadur dari TOEIC kesulitan yang sesungguhnya yang akan ditemukan pada saat tes TOEIC yang . Anda diminta untuk memilih satu jawaban yang paling tepat (A), (B), (C) atau.

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Soal TOEFL dan Pembahasan Kunci Jawaban. Documents Similar To SOAL TES TOEFL DAN PEMBAHASAN JAWABAN Contoh Soal. 25 Contoh Soal Part of Speech Beserta Jawaban (Lengkap) – Latihan soal part of speech yuk. Anda bisa menggunakan soal-soal berikut ini. If I have a disability, can I still take the TOEIC test? 3. Why does the TOEIC program require test takers to use only pencils and no other writing instruments?.

As soon you as you understand the directions, begin work on the questions. The stars and the moon has always A B fascinated man. The Shipping Department did not seal A the cartons because government B official wanted to inspect the shipment C since it went out. Once the condition is under controls, A B the patient must adhere to a strict C low-fat diet. Although the reception was schedule A B for six oclock, the band did not arrive C until after seven.

High winds and heavy rain assaulted A the coast south of the cape, and B forcing residents to find refuge inland C D on higher ground. It is seldom to people find the sounds A B of nature offensive, but sounds of C civilization, particularly in cities, are D always bothersome.

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He had so much business to conduct in A B Tokyo that we did not expect he returns until the twelfth. Although four candidates ran for the A office, it was universally accepted that B only two of them stood any chance of C be elected. The three childhood friends later went everywhere together, include vacations A B C at the beach. My brother was driving me to work A yesterday when our car was hitting a B C D bus.

With the advent of satellite A transmission of photographs of the earths atmosphere, forecast the B C weather has become relatively exact D science.

I like to see a movie, but Bob would A B C rather go dancing at disco club. They asked what to find the restaurant A B at which they had made reservations.

He is going to need of some time to A B train his replacement, and he will C remain with the company until then. Because they were very aware of the A B environment, they handled all waste C products with extremely carefully. When going from country to country, A B travelers have always had to submit to C costumer inspections of their baggage. The fact that certainly public education A needs are being met by the private B sector does not sit well with liberal C D educators. A B among themselves the advantages and C disadvantages to participate in the D company health plan.

The producing schedule, established A B early in the project, was the only C guideline the team was given.


Although the French are known to be A hard workers and rugged individualists, every French would B prefer to spend his time in C conversation with friends over a D leisurely dinner. Employees are encouraged to discuss Part V Directions: Questions are based on a variety of reading material for example, announcements, paragraphs, advertisements, and the like.

You are to choose the one best answer, A , B , C , D , to each question. Then on your answer sheet find the number of the question and mark your answer.

Answer all questions following a passage on the basis of what is stated or implied in that passage. Read the following example. The museum of technology is a hands-on museum, designed for people to experience science at work.

Visitors are encouraged to use, test, and handle the objects on display. Special demonstrations are scheduled for the first and second Wednesdays of each month at p. Open Tuesday-Friday, p. When during the month can visitors see special demonstrations?

Therefore, you should choose answer B. Question 91 93 refer to the following list of shopping tips.

Read all the fine print, including the return policy. Look for companies that provide a no-questions-asked return policy. Keep careful records of your order, including the catalog name, address, and telephone number, items ordered, order date, operator name, and expected delivery date.

Also, try to get an order number for future reference. If you are having a problem with a mail-order company that you cannot resolve yourself, contact one of the HELP organizations. When ordering products through a catalog, what should the final price include? Which of the following should be done by a person ordering by mail?

A download several items, to get the best price B Read the fine print and get an order number C Send payment only after receiving the order D Discard records of transactions once completed What should a person do if a mailorder company sends substandard merchandise and will not accept a return or exchange? At the Madrid Chancellor Hotel you can expect the finest in luxury and convenience, with the business travelers special needs in mind.

Our tasty array of regional, national, and international dishes, prepared by the most skilled European chefs, are served on only the finest China. Our concierge is always a source of the most up-to-date information and, of course, anyone having business in Spain will appreciate our modern communication facilities, on line 24 hours per day, and available in every room.

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At whom is the above advertisement directed? What do the advertisers say they are good at doing?

A Making doing business more convenient B Helping guests find entertainment C Directing people to good restaurants D Accommodating individual preferences Questions 96 and 97 refer to the following advertisement. The Helping Hand Need some help?

The Helping Hand can help your office by answering busy phones, sending faxes worldwide, or providing local courier services. The Helping Hand is efficient, reliable, and reasonably priced. We have all the equipment you need on our site. Call us today for a free consultation and price quote. What are two major features of the Helping Hand? A Low price and reliability B Responsibility and years of experience C Many employees and courteous representatives D Equipment available and delivered to local job sites What type of services does the Helping Hand provide?

Remove plant from its container or burlap before planting.

The ship entered port - - - three months at sea.

Questions 15 through 17 refer to the following conversation. A reduction in room states at Vista Hotel. Hello, this is Polly from JM Porters.

Where jawabannay entries be sent? This will greatly assist you in remembering key points on what is delivered. Materials on the railraod industry.

When did you say you are going on that business trip again? Thus, you can evaluate yourself or enlist the help of friends, so you can fix it.

Is that really necessary? How often are overseas files updated at headquarters? Next to the notice. That information includes technical matters related to test it also on the characteristics of the questions that are likely to come out.

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After getting enough information, then you can begin to plan a personal training schedule. This test also become an important requirement for those who wish to continue their studies abroad.

They will blend into the leather. Registered overnight guests only. Questions 30 through 32 refer to the following conversation.Jones answered the phone for the manager during she went to deliver the paycheck.

Woman B : She enjoyed the tour of the port very much. Of the training session scheduled for April He gave a long. Call us today for a free consultation and price quote. Provides service to customers in South America d. The marketing Department had no - - - plan for the new product. Mayday Download.

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