Master Symbol for Axiatonal Alignment and Oversoul Connection - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for. - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Akashic Angels: Book of Answers Reiki Manual Click Me to Download. Aka Dua Healing Whole Self (Axiatonal Re-Alignment) Manual Click Me to Download.

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Inside your 12D Shield, request an axiatonal alignment to align and unify the vertical to horizontal energetic Intro to Ascension Double CD Download. Axiatonal Alignment Manual. Axiatonal Alignment Manual pdf download full online. More information. Article by. Niesofkingramma. The Whole-Self Attunement (also known as Axiatonal Re-Alignment) focuses on You'll receive extensive, very well written manual including the extensive to you in PDF format when the manual and/or manual download information is.

This may result in memory flashbacks that we can look at from a different perspective.

Master Symbol for Axiatonal Alignment and Oversoul Connection

We may see that our judgment of those moments came from a distorted perspective. We can now see the experience for what it is rather than what we made it to be.

When this happens a healing begins at the cause level. We hold onto things and stop moving forward through issues. Our bodies get backed up causing cancer, heart dis-ease and other physical maladies that keep us from experiencing the Divine Love all the time.

Fear keeps us in separation. Ascension happens when we become the Love. Baptism by water cleansed you of your guilt and shame of separation.

Axiatonal repairs the damage the ego caused. What does the average person experience from Axiatonal Alignment? It could be as simple as being more aware of your surroundings, seeing things you never saw before, feeling more attuned with the world, experiencing an increase in your senses, an enhancement of various types of initiative awareness, or feeling better physically.

It could be an improvement of major illnesses, a deep profound relaxation, a sense of total peace within oneself, a "lightness" as if all the weight of the world has been lifted, balancing of the male and female sides of the body, highly motivated, deep concentration, dreams clearer and more vivid, answers to problems being given in dreams, more focused, feeling a connection to the "ALL".

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Axiatonal Alignment integrates the Whole Body bringing it into balance and harmony. It can be used alone or combined with any other healing therapy when used with any other healing modality, it takes that therapy to a deeper level.

The Axiatonal procedures align the body's energy vertically, horizontally, then sew it all together, and finally give it the delicate gift of golden light energy from the Creator into the crown Chakra, through the body, reconnecting one with Mother Earth. Call the golden symbol from source as shown in final design 2.

Draw over the client using your dominat hand middle finger like emitting a golden light from tip of finger as per the sequence no hard and fast rule A: the central dot at the centre of body B:Over the soulstar chakra the golden ball is drawn in three circles anticlockwise.

C: the one straight line D: Again a triple circle second line, third circle and final line to form the triangle E: the next ball under the earthstar chakra again three circles anticlockwise F: The forth line n triple circle G: AND SO forth in same patter to complete the star H: Now all the start point to be connected by a golden triple circle anticlockwise.

This is the final design of master symbol.

Once it is complete, you call for the help of divine masters and archangels to run the script program perfectly as per the needs of the person.

You get exactly in the same amount as you pay for.

The master number always stayed with this work. Its entirely up to the person who asks for alignment, decides how he pays the exchange.

Help 3 people monetary, healing or jst being present, sometimes a smile does Plant and nurture 3 tree the source of this work and symbol is the spirit of gaia. Help 3 animals.

The symbol has no copyrights and completely open source.Total of 56 lines including major and minor axiatonal meridians are connected through this symbol. These 12 vertical lines move throughout the entire light body running energy to the chakras. Simitrar to ttre scaffonding of a building, the hurnan enerry f-eend supponts and reflects tlae physicat body.

The practicioners are however suggested to charge their time when working with healings. The connection into the acupuncture meridians is necessary to ensure that all cellular grids are in harmony. See the link in the download verification form or here so there is clarification regarding our business hours. Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, and feed into major spin points that lie near the surface of the skin.

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