Add papers to Mendeley by dragging and dropping a PDF into the Mendeley Desktop window. Mendeley will automatically extract the details from the document. Tap the download icon to download the PDF to your device. Just like in Mendeley Desktop, you can record your thoughts and jot down notes as necessary. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, Mendeley Desktop lets you save PDFs, generate citations, organize references, and automatically backup and sync your .

Mendeley Desktop Pdf

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Mendeley is a free reference manager and an academic social network. from your browser with a few clicks or import any documents from your desktop. Download the desktop program. ✓ Install the web importer. Adding references from databases and websites. ✓ Adding references by using 'Save to Mendeley'. Install Mendeley desktop in your documents folder, this way it is easier to back-up your references and more important your pdf's. Download Mendeley.

Mendeley: PDF's

Removing References from a Folder Select the reference you wish to move. Right-click and select Remove from Folder.

The references will be removed from the folder. They will not be deleted from your library. Deleting References from a Library Select the reference you wish to move. Use the Ctrl or Shift keys to highlight multiple references. Drag and drop the references to the All Deleted Documents folder under Trash in the left-hand panel of your Mendeley library.

Creating Folders and Subfolders

Alternatively, right-click and select Delete Documents. To remove references from the All Deleted Documents folder, drag and drop the references to another folder, or right-click and select Restore Documents. To permanently delete references from your library, right-click on the All Deleted Documents folder and select Empty Trash.

Back to top Removing Duplicates To check for duplicate references in your Mendeley library, select All Documents in the left-hand panel. A list of duplicate references will be displayed. Review the references and choose the details that you would like to keep from each reference by selecting the check box next to each field.

Once you have reviewed all the field, click the Merge Documents button. Mendeley Web Importer: When you use the web importer to add references to your library, PDFs for articles that are freely available for example from an open access journal will automatically be downloaded and attached to the reference.

In your Mendeley Desktop library, select the reference to which you wish to attach a file. In the reference details panel on the right side of your library, scroll to the Files field and click Add Files.

Once a PDF has been attached to a reference, a PDF icon will appear next to that reference, and in the Files field of the reference details. Click this icon to open the article in the Mendeley PDF reader, where you can read, highlight and add notes to the file. Reference with PDF attached.

This is really surprising because I have it set to keep its own copy of all the pdfs I add. In its own structure. Then it crashes.

Mendeley Basics: Mendeley Desktop

You can avoid this by having Mendeley backup all your pdfs online, but you eventually run out of space and have to pay for it. I also had to learn not to go through a folder and open everything I might want to read.

Because inevitably it crashes and I then have to do this sorting job again 2 or 3 times. You also cannot create a backup that includes your pdfs.

Summary This would be an excellent program if it worked properly. I've also noticed that if you google something like "Mendeley crashes daily" you'll find a support post from two years ago with comments closed.

Just in my workplace academia it is now common knowledge that Mendeley has these issues.

That makes me think that they spend a lot of time cleaning up their online presence. Even for a good program you'd expect more critical posts and questions than you find for this not-good program.Mendeley Desktop Software that helps with referencing.

Google Scholar Import Before importing records from Scholar you must change the settings to use Refman as the Bibliography manager. Because of this limitation, you may choose not to sync all the documents from your Mendeley Desktop to your Mendeley Web account.


After reviewing your list of search results click on the title s of required references one at a time to display the title's details and select Export RIS from the Actions menu. But at least this way, when you sync your account, you will be able to find your PDFs on the ipad. This app can be extremely useful, but it really needs to be updated.

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