Complete idiot's guide to learning Spanish by Gail Stein; 7 editions; First DAISY for print-disabled Download ebook for print-disabled (DAISY). The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish on Your Own [Gail Stein, Marc Einsohn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Idiot-proof. Gail Stein is the author of the top-selling The Complete Idiot's Guide(r) to Learning French, Fifth Edition, and The Pocket Idiot's Guide(tm) to Spanish Phrases.

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning German, Second Edition Part 3, “Up, Up, If you have taken any French or Spanish, you have already dealt with nouns. When not working, he resides with his wife, Gail (the author of The Complete. Idiot's Guide to Learning Spanish on Your Own) in New York City. Trademarks. To get around, you've got to learn to give and receive directions. .. download the Complete Idiot's Guide to Learning French On Your Own—the perfect complement to.

The German minorities in Poland, Romania, and the countries of the former Soviet Union have partly retained the German language as well. As a student in the liberal arts, you should be familiar with Kafka, Hesse, Rilke, and Nietzsche. And what was Mac the Knife really up to? About one in 10 books published throughout the world has been written in German. In regard to translations into foreign languages, German is third after English and French, and more works have been translated into German than into any other language.

The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the major industrial countries in the world. In terms of overall economic performance, it is the third largest, and with regard to world trade, it holds second place. As one of the largest industrial and trading nations, the Federal Republic of Germany maintains diplomatic relations with nearly every country in the world and is an attractive region for investment.

By international standards, the new federal states are now an attractive industrial location for foreign investors, represented by some 1, foreign firms from about 50 countries. Major U.

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Germany is home to more than 3, museums: state, municipal, society, and private museums; museums of local history and culture; museums of church and cathedral treasures; and residential, castle, palace, and open-air museums. German architecture set trends in the first 30 years of the twentieth century, with the strongest influence coming from Weimar and Dessau, where the Bauhaus school was founded in the s and the style that bears its name evolved.

Immerse Yourself Everybody knows that the best way to learn a new language is to totally immerse yourself in it. When you download books of German poetry, download the ones where the German translation is given alongside the English so that your eyes can move back and forth between the two.

download German newspapers. Four intense and concentrated minute study sessions are much more effective than a four-hour language-learning marathon. Constant repetition of previously studied material involving as many senses as possible speaking, listening, seeing will help you get German into your longterm memory. You can understand more than you think just by listening to and watching the actors.

You can learn the meaning of German phrases by scanning subtitles. Watch German shows on your TV. Go to public libraries and listen to language tapes.

Listening will help you master German pronunciation. Whenever you download a new product, look for and read the German instructions on the side of the packet or in the instruction booklet. Some people are downright terrified. They think it will be too much work—too many new sounds, too many new words—and that the grammar will be too difficult. You have to make an effort. Learning a language takes time and a certain amount of determination. One thing we can assure you of is that if you take it slowly—at your own pace—without allowing yourself to get discouraged, you can only get better.

Research shows that the best language learners are willing to take risks and make mistakes.

Stick to simple grammatical constructions. Practice vowel sound combinations. Make rumbling sounds in the back of your throat whenever you get the chance—in cabs, subways, buses, in the shower, or at night before falling asleep.

And remember, many regional accents are heard in Germany—your accent will fit in somewhere! They are a hospitable people and are impressed by anyone who tries to speak their language. Germans will feel that way about you when you miss an ending or use an incorrect verb tense. It actually has a great deal in common with English. If you apply yourself, you will soon discover that German is easier than you thought and that it also is fun to learn. Good luck!

Believe it or not, German and English stem from the same ancestral language family. Remember: The more effort you put into this project, the more your German will improve. This chapter gives you an idea of what it takes to master frequently encountered German phrases and words. When you think about it, studying German makes sense. So drop the golf club, the computer mouse, and the VCR remote control. Get way ahead of your colleagues: Learn German. Hypochonder Der Teufel hol das Menschengeschlecht!

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Und kaum seh ich ein Menschengesicht, So hab ichs wieder lieb. I continually make firm resolutions to stop seeing people and to consign the whole nation to God and to itself and to the devil!

And then I have only to see a human face and I love it again. The English version works about as well as using a sledgehammer to slice bread. How Much German Is Enough?

Take a moment to consider your motives: Culture Shock Many medical and scientific words are easy to understand in German and hard to understand in English. Try saying that three times fast! Your knowledge of grammar will remain somewhat passive, outshined by your expansive knowledge German vocabulary expressing abstractions. Figuring out how German structures its sentences will help you develop the patience to wait for the verb. If you understand what you need from the German language, you easily can tailor this book to your needs and use it to your advantage.

What do you need to know to use a bilingual dictionary? Be forewarned: Using a bilingual dictionary is a little tougher than using an English dictionary. After finding the German translation for an English word, go ahead and take a moment to look up that new German word.

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. To which Spanish e-book should I go? People have different learning styles and study methods that work best for them. These guys offer consistently excellent content, and are packed with actionable tips, practical advice and expertly-crafted lesson plans. The 12 Best E-books to Teach You Spanish on the Go The following e-books are in no particular order, and each one has its own unique set of qualities that set it apart from the rest.

Feel free to pick and choose as you see fit. Easy Spanish Step-by-Step This e-book plants your feet straight into solid ground by targeting the most basic thing in any language: grammar rules.

Get into the nitty-gritty mechanisms that native speakers often take for granted. Learn about the rules and structures that make a language tick.

Still, this book goes beyond grammar and dives into vocabulary. It features readings that are superbly engaging, and tons of exercises that reinforce learning. Everything is relevant.

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Overall, this is easily one of the best Spanish language starter books out there, ideal for beginners. You can also track down dictionaries, grammar books, phrasebooks and readers, all of which are accessible on the Bookshelf app, which works with site, Android, Chromebook and iPad. Spanish Language Tutorial By ielanguages, this Spanish tutorial e-book comes with a series of mp3 audio files, making for the perfect marriage between text and audio learning.

Everything you read is pronounced out loud by a team of five native Spanish speakers hailing from different regions, which gives you a broad perspective on the language and its pronunciation.

What other e-book will offer you that? Usually so much multimedia is outside the scope of an e-book, but not this one. Download it here! Easy Spanish Phrase Book The magic number is This digital phrasebook contains of the most common and useful phrases and expressions in the Spanish language. Have a copy of this on hand if you need to speak Spanish fast.

Download it to your smartphone or site and carry it with you like your digital Bible. If you find yourself in a restaurant, hotel, airport or any sticky situation, you can have the confidence to talk to native speakers about your most pressing needs. This phrasebook ultimately covers an impressive variety of subjects and distills all of Spanish into just the most useful expressions.

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Choose it as your go-to e-book if you want to start talking Spanish fast, or need a phrasebook to consult in a pinch. How much Spanish could you really learn in 7 days? Well, as it turns out, a lot! This book teaches you Spanish by using carefully-crafted strategies to maximize your productivity. The author, Dagny Taggart, is truly passionate about learning and his enthusiasm shines right through the text.

The methods are unlike those traditionally used in schools. For example, it teaches grammar in an innovative way by starting in the past tense.As a Rule In German the indefinite article ein e is generally not used when a person states his profession unless the profession is qualified by an adjective.

Persevere, practice…and do it all over again. Consonants are best described as involving some obstruction of the air stream, whereas vowels do not have any sort of obstruction. In regard to translations into foreign languages, German is third after English and French, and more works have been translated into German than into any other language. Abraham Lincoln.

You ask someone where you can find dentists in Berlin.

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