Today, He is a God. years ago, He was just a man. The hunt is on. The sinister Naga warrior has killed his friend Brahaspati and now stalks his wife Sati. Editorial Reviews. Review. I have heard a lot of this series must read book .. very good translation in Hindi also:) now waiting for the 3rd book of . Mrityunjaya of Meluha is the second book in a trilogy of Meluha Mrityunjaya and the first, its name - the secret of the Nagas or Nagaon ke.

The Secret Of The Nagas Ebook In Hindi

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Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Giveaway & Contest, Book Promotion. Home; Genre The Secrets of Nagas by Amish Tripathi I have read all the three books of the Shiva Trilogy and no secrets surprised me unlike the secret of Naga. Well. Hindi Book The Secret In Hindi. IdentifierHindiBookTheSecretInHindi. Identifier- arkark://t55f2fg OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi Hindi Book-The-Secret in Hindi. IdentifierHindiBook-the-secretInHindi. Identifier- arkark://t4mk7h70b. OcrABBYY FineReader Ppi

Hindi Book The Secret In Hindi

He lived in a city named Takshasila, which was the new territory of Takshaka after.. Please click button to get immortals of meluha book now.

All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. The Secret Of The Nagas..

Get great deals on thousands of bestselling ebooks.. Update Cancel. Read a chapter from the Scion of Ikshvaku here download Online. download Now. About Amish..

Takshaka - Wikipedia. He was later renamed as Veer Bhadra, a title earned by once defeating a tiger single-handedly. Brahaspati — The chief Meluhan scientist who becomes Shiva's good friend.

Though he does not believe the legend of the Neelkanth, he believes that Shiva is capable of taking Meluha to its new glory. He eventually becomes an avid follower of Shiva as he realizes that Shiva could actually lead them to victory and finish Lord Ram's Unfinished Task. He is a good follower of Lord Ram. She is the first to realize that Shiva is the "Neelkanth", their savior.

Traditionally the Chandravanshis and Suryavanshis are enemies. They are extremely skilled warriors. It also includes parts of eastern Afghanistan. Swadweep — The empire of the Chandravanshis, also known as the island of the individual. Characters and locations are per the books from the series and from the official website. It sort of just crept up on me. Slowly, first the philosophies, and then the story to convey the philosophies.

Hindi Book-The-Secret in Hindi

This experience has changed me. My outlook to life. My attitude. And my belief in God. Ultimately he decided to take the spiritual route. He started reading on the different philosophies and the Indian mythologies.

In the program they learned that in ancient Persia, demons were known as Daeva a term reserved for the Gods in Indian mythology , and angels were called Asuras a term reserved for demons in Indian mythology.

Tripathi added, "It set me thinking that this was exact opposite of our Vedic etymology where evil was Asura and gods were Devas. It struck me that if the two civilizations were to confront each other, they would be at stark odds and calling each other evil.

Once he started to write a book about Shiva, he decided to base it on some fundamental beliefs of his. It was their deeds in the human life that made them famous as Gods. Tripathi's grandfather was a pundit and his parents are avid readers of Indian mythology, hence he found it easy to trust what he had heard from his parents and grandparents, and relied on them for the stories in the novel.

Around this time, Tripathi's wife suggested an alternative. She asked him not to control the fate of his characters beforehand, but let the plot develop on its own. Tripathi applied these suggestions and the result was a smoother outflow. The manuscript for The Immortals of Meluha got rejected by 35 to 40 publication houses. I was a finance guy and a staunch believer in digital marketing that has a better reach in the books market.

It actually puts up a conversation rather than a two-minute wire on the same. He put up the entire first chapter of The Immortals of Meluha as a digital download from his website, so that the readers would get interested. With the help of his musician friend Taufiq Qureshi , he launched a live-action trailer film on YouTube and built an online community in Facebook and Twitter , surrounding the video, to further hold the reader's interest.

Of that he is certain. The evidence of the malevolent rise of evil is everywhere.

A kingdom is dying as it is held to ransom for a miracle drug. A crown p A crown prince is murdered. Even the perfect empire, Meluha is riddled with a terrible secret in Maika, the city of births. Unknown to Shiva, a master puppeteer is playing a grand game.

In a journey that will take him across the length and breadth of ancient India, Shiva searches for the truth in a land of deadly mysteries — only to find that nothing is what it seems. Fierce battles will be fought. Surprising alliances will be forged.

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Unbelievable secrets will be revealed in this second book of the Shiva Trilogy, the sequel to the 1 national bestseller, The Immortals of Meluha. Amish Tripathi is a Mumbai-based author.


Tripathi's debut work The Immortals of Meluha after being r download eBooks Free EBooks. Author Profiles Publish Books. Blog Reading Lists.Ayurvati finds out that Shiva is the only one devoid of these symptoms and that his throat has turned blue.

The Meluhans end up believing that Shiva would be their saviour against evil. There is no sign of Brahaspati, but Shiva finds the insignia of the Nagas, confirming their involvement with the Chandravanshis. Shiva and Sati travel to Kashi , where a community of Brangas inhabit, in order to get more information on the Nagas. Sparsh Srivastava. Amish Tripathi".

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